Mavrik vs Mavrik Max

Mavrik vs Mavrik Max Callaway Irons, Driver Comparison

Callaway’s Mavrik and Mavrik Max irons have consistently been people’s favorite irons since the launch.

But, are they really worth the spotlight? What are the differences between Mavrik vs Mavrik Max Callaway Irons? Which is better and for who?

Since it’s the golf season, I couldn’t think of a better time to try these irons out on the golf course. 

I came up with this article on Mavrik vs Mavrik max after testing out the drivers. This article will be answering the questions above and more. Let’s get right into it.

What is the Difference Between Mavrik and Mavrik Max?

The main difference between the Callaway Mavrik and Mavrik Max is in the accuracy. The Mavrik gives a finishing a little left off the center line which means it is more consistent and ensures more accurate shots than the Mavrik which finishes a little right off the center. 

Mavrik vs Mavrik Max Comparision Table

This is the data that I came up with while testing Mavrik vs Mavrik Max myself:

Mavrik Iron
Mavrik Max Iron
Ball Speed
Ball Speed
134.4 mph
131.1 mph
Launch Angle
Launch Angle
17.4 degrees
19.2 degrees
4500 RPM
4879 RPM
Side Angle
Side Angle
5.2 degrees
5.0 degrees
203 YDS
193 YDS
216 YDS
203 YDS

Callaway Mavrik Irons Review

mavrik vs mavrik max driver

  • Generates a ball speed of 134.4 mph.
  • Has an average launch angle of 17.4 degrees.
  • Has an average spin of 4500 rpm.
  • Designed for the mid handicappers.
  • Ensures more distance.

The mavrik standard driver is designed with an AI generated face that allows it to provide a great sound at ball contact and feel without any vibrations. This wedge is also designed with tungsten alloy which allows the mavrik standard wedge to optimize the center of gravity (C.G). This gives you an outstanding launch, trajectory, forgiveness, and descent angles for a soft landing.

Things I like
  • It provides excellent distance allowing me to cover a wide range of up to 8 yards.
  • It offers smooth shots and a great feel.
  • It has a nice sound in contact with the golf ball.
  • Its design is so excellent it boosts a golfer's confidence.
  • It allows for easy launch.
  • It has great forgiveness.
Things I don't like
  • The mavrik standard finishes a little right off the centerline making it less accurate than the mavrik max.

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Callaway Mavrik Max Irons Review

  • The Mavrik Max irons generate a ball speed of about 131 MPH.
  • It also has a great feel.
  • It generates a spin of 4879 RPM.
  • Easy to launch.

The mavrik max wedge is designed with an AI-generated oversized club head which gives it enhanced forgiveness, launch, and accuracy. This wedge is very suitable for high handicappers as it gives them the need for consistency and forgiveness to hit those shots right and reach the single-figure handicap level. It tends to hit shorter on target than other Callaway wedges.

Things I like
  • It enhances my ball accuracy.
  • It has excellent forgiveness.
  • It generates high spin and has a good ball speed for a high handicapper.
Things I don't like
  • It isn't the best when it comes to distance. 


Why Choose Mavrik Max Over Mavrik?

The mavrik max does all the mavrik standard dies but better. It ensures straighter and more accurate shots. It is also more forgiving as a result of its oversized clubhead. The Mavrik max also has a better feel and control than the mavrik driver.

Pros & Cons of the Mavrik Standard Wedge

mavrik vs mavrik max driver

Pros Cons
Fastest driver The price may be too high and discourage some golfers from purchasing it
Very forgiving It is not as accurate as the Mavrik Max.
Increased ball speed
Great trajectory 
Soft to strike with, no unwanted vibrations

Similarities between the Mavrik vs Mavrik Max Callaway Irons

Despite the differences listed above, there are a few similarities between Mavrik vs Mavrik Max:

Mavrik  Mavrik max
Flex Stiff, light, regular  Stiff, light, regular
Loft 9 degrees 9 degrees
Trajectory Mid Mid
AI face Yes Yes
Adjustable weight Yes Yes
Played on tour Yes Yes
Item dimension  48 x 6x 6 inches 48 x 6x 6 inches

Are Callaway Mavrik Max Irons Any Good?

The mavrik max is the most consistent and easiest to hit of all the mavrik drivers. It has excellent forgiveness and control. While it is not the best in terms of distance, the accuracy of this driver stands it out.

The above comparisons between Mavrik vs Mavrik Max irons clearly show that the Max version is better than the two.

Which Mavrik Driver Is Best?

Both the mavrik standard and the mavrik max are best for the mid handicapper and high handicapper respectively. However, the consistency, accuracy, and forgiveness of the mavrik max make it the best among these two.

Is Mavrik Max More Forgiving?

The mavrik max is more forgiving than the mavrik standard driver. This is a result of its oversized clubhead and deeper CG. The mavrik max gives you a nice sound at ball contact with a feel, void of any vibration.

Do Any Pros Use the Mavrik Max Driver?

Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson use the mavrik max which proves even more that this driver is really good. The mavrik max just makes every golfer better.


The mavrik and mavrik max are both unique drivers with great feel, sound, forgiveness, ball speed, and distance. The mavrik standard provides more distance than the mavrik max while the mavrik max is more forgiving and consistent than the mavrik standard.

The mavrik standard is more suitable for mid handicappers while the mavrik max is suitable for high handicappers.

We believe this article on mavrik vs mavrik max has provided you with the necessary answers to your questions.

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