Leaving Golf Cart for 6 Months

Leaving Golf Cart for 6 Months: Guide to Storing it Safely

Golf carts are excellent modes of transportation, especially for avid golfers who live in golf communities. 

However, when the season is over, and it’s time to pack up your golf gear, tucking away your clubs might not be much of an issue, but storing your golf cart for the long term can be. 

Before Leaving Golf Cart for 6 Months, some steps must be taken to ensure your golf cart is properly preserved throughout the storage period.

I have made a detailed outline of these steps to be taken before leaving golf cart for 6 months in this article, you are sure to have stress-free long-term storage of your golf cart if you follow the steps prescribed below.

Guide on Leaving Golf Cart for 6 Months

Leaving Golf Cart for 6 Months

Follow the guide below if you plan on leaving Golf Cart for 6 Months:

  1. Fully charge the battery.
  2. Disconnect all 12-volt accessories to ensure they do not continue pulling current from the battery.
  3. Clean up the battery with baking soda and water.
  4. Disconnect the Battery.
  5. Flip the switch to “tow” or “maintenance” to reduce battery drain and unexpected starts.
  6. Disconnect the battery charger from the AC outlet, then unplug it from your golf cart by disconnecting the main positive and negative connections ( To remember how to reconnect them, tape them together so they can be easily identified). If you prefer to leave the battery connected, then you must charge the battery and check the water levels every month.
  7. Refill the water levels to 1/4th of an inch above the plates, but check the specific guidelines from your cart’s manufacturer for exact watering and charging practices. Do not go to this step if your cart’s battery is not fully charged because adding water before charging can result in electrolyte overflow. Also, ensure you use only distilled water.
  8. Ensure you take as much stress from your golf cart as you can. 
  9. Place it on level ground, leaving the forward or reverse switch “neutral.”
  10. Use bricks or other heavy objects to keep the golf cart in place.
  11. Don’t use the parking brake because leaving it engaged can damage your cart.
  12. Inflate the tires every two weeks or move the car slightly to apply pressure to a different part of the tire.
  13. Check all your cart’s compartments and remove any perishables.
  14. Store your cart in a climate-controlled storage unit. 
  15. If you plan on using a storage unit, measure your golf cart to see what kind of unit works best. Most carts can fit a 10×10 drive-up storage unit. 
  16. Remove the keys and store them in a safe and memorable location.
  17. If you must store it in a semi-enclosed area or outdoors, protect the cart with a waterproof cover and secure the cover so that strong winds won’t blow it away.

You can also insure your golf cart in case of theft; check out our Cheapest Golf Cart Insurance.

Preparing the Golf Cart for Storage of 6 Months or More

Follow the steps below while preparing to store your golf cart for 6 months or more:

  1. Start by moving your car wherever it is going to be stored.
  2. Leave the forward and reverse switch in the neutral position.
  3. Depending on your golf car, it can either have a maintenance/run switch or a tow/run. Check your user manual to be sure. 
  4. Flip the switch to either maintenance or tow to minimize battery drain and the risk of the cart starting unexpectedly.
  5. Fully charge the battery
  6. Top up its water level with distilled water. Use the battery’s manufacturer guide to ensure proper charging and watering practices are adhered to.
  7. Check cords and terminals for damage and corrosion. 
  8. Clean your golf car batteries with a mixture of water and baking soda before it goes into storage.
  9. Disconnect battery cables
  10. Clean your golf cart. 
  11. Drain the Fuel
  12. Perform a Full Check Up
  13. Inflate the Tires
  14. Make Sure the Cart Doesn’t Move by placing blocks behind the tires.
  15. Park the Cart in the Proper Position
  16. Turn the key switch to the OFF position, Remove the key
  17. Store in a Cool and Dry Space.

Maintenance During Storage

Below are some practices you should take to maintain your golf cart during storage:

  • Charge your batteries at least once every month.
  • Check the battery water levels monthly.
  • Carry out another in-depth cleaning to clear out accumulated dust and debris from insects.

Preparing a Golf Cart for Use After a 6 Months Storage

Below are steps to preparing a golf cart for use after 6 months storage:

  • Let down the cart if it was lifted from the ground during storage.
  • Carry out a  round of in-depth cleaning using soap and water. Avoid using cleaning cloth with excessive water content.
  • Check the battery water level and top it up.
  • Connect your batteries back and charge.
  • Add pressure to your tires
  • Flip the tow switch from neutral to run.
  • Top up fuel.
  • Do a round check-up.
  • Take your cart for a ride.

Potential Problems with Leaving a Golf Cart Unused for 6 Months

Some problems you can experience from leaving Golf Cart for 6 Months include:

  • The battery might freeze.
  • You might experience engine failure.
  • Dust build-up on terminals.
  • Insect invasion.

How to Store an Electric Golf Cart for 6 Months

Leaving Golf Cart for 6 Months

Follow the steps below to store your electric golf cart for 6 Months 

Two Weeks Before Storage

  1. Check the water levels in each battery cell and fill the cells to cover the plates. 
  2. Charge the set and top off each cell using distilled water. The electrolyte level should be from 1/2-inch above plates to 1/4-inch below the level indicator.

Immediately Before Storage

  1. Ensure the vehicle is fully charged 
  2. Turn the key switch to the OFF position, 
  3. Remove the key and leave the forward/reverse switch in the NEUTRAL position 
  4. Place the tow/run switch in the TOW position. Clean the battery packs and terminals using baking soda and water or a battery acid neutralizer
  5. Treat battery terminal connections with a battery terminal protector spray.
  6. If your vehicle has a Single Point Watering System, ensure you place the fill tube on top of the battery so as to ensure that any water in the tube drains back into the batteries.
  7. A bag protector should be stored in the DOWN position to reduce the risk of the vinyl in the window panel cracking. 
  8. Store the windshield in an UPRIGHT position.
  9. Disconnect batteries, ensuring that the cables do not come into contact with a terminal.
  10. Check tire pressure and inflate it to 18 to 20 PSI.
  11. Carry out all semi-annual lubrication.
  12. Clean up the cart. 
  13. Ensure the storage facility has adequate ventilation.
  14. Secure the car from rolling and don’t engage the parking brakes. 
  15. Chock the wheels of the vehicle.

How to Disconnect Golf Cart Batteries for Storage

Follow these steps to disconnect your golf cart batteries for storage 

  1. Put on some acid resistant work gloves Step Disconnect the battery bank positive lead from the positive golf cart  main power connection using a wrench. 
  2. Disconnect the battery bank’s ground wire from the primary golf cart connection.
  3. Remove the connection from the first battery in the bank’s positive terminal which is connected to the corresponding battery’s negative terminal. 
  4. Do this untill all the batteries in the bank are properly disconnected from one another.
  5. Lift the batteries from the bank one at a time and place them on a level surface.

Can You Store a Golf Cart Outside in The Winter

You can store a golf cart outside in the winter but you have to take proper precautions, or your cart will get damaged.

To store your cart outside, follow the precautions listed below :

  • Ensure that the cart doesn’t roll out. 
  • Remove all personal belongings
  • Clean up the carts
  • Top up the battery water levels, Charge and disconnect the battery 
  • Check tire pressure and inflate them
  • Remove the keys
  • Flip the tow switch to neutral.
  • Use a winter golf cart cover to cover your cart and ensure it is well secured.

How Long Can a Golf Cart Sit without Charging?

An electric golf cart can sit for a few months, say 4, without charge, provided the battery is at least 50% and exposed to temperatures that are higher than 100f.


Preparing your golf cart before storage can be time-consuming but very necessary to prevent damage and future repairs afterward. We have simplified this process for you with the detailed step by step processes stated in this article on Leaving Golf Cart for 6 Months. You can do them yourself or ask for assistance from a friend or professional. Do not forget to top up your water levels and charge your Batteries during the storage period to avoid the battery cell damage.

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