Cheapest Golf Cart Insurance

Cheapest Golf Cart Insurance: Reviews, Costs Compared

If you’re like me, you love hitting the links and cruising around the course in your trusty golf cart.

But did you know that protecting your investment with golf cart insurance is just as important as having the right clubs and gear?

The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to get coverage.

Understandably, most insurance schemes are expensive, so I have written this article on the cheapest golf cart insurance to provide you with details on affordable rates and the companies that offer them.

Cheapest Golf Cart Insurance Comparison Table

Cheapest golf cart insurance

This table compares the cheapest golf cart insurance providers and their average monthly golf cart insurance rates:

Insurance CompaniesAverage Monthly Rates MinimumPremium
Auto Owners Insurance$27$108
GEICO Insurance$30$108
Progressive Insurance$45$130
Allstate Insurance$46.5$203
Nationwide Insurance$47$139.5

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Top 5 Cheapest Golf Cart Insurance

Top 5 Cheapest Golf Cart Insurance

These are the top 5 cheapest golf cart insurance providers:

1. Progressive Insurance

Progressive is among the cheapest regarding the cheapest golf cart insurance, offering numerous discounts and low average premiums.

They also have robust digital tools and impressive financial strength ratings.

Progressive offers minimum coverage with a monthly average rate of $45 and a premium of $130.

Progressive also offers mechanical breakdown insurance and cart shopping service to help you purchase your desired golf cart.

2. Auto Owners Insurance

This insurance company offers one of the cheapest golf cart insurance with plenty of discount options.

Auto owners offer standard coverage types like bodily liability coverage, comprehensive liability coverage, medical liability coverage, and the rest.

They also offer a monthly average rate of $27 for minimum coverage and $108 for premium coverage in addition to an accident forgiveness option.

3. Nationwide Insurance

This insurance company offers a monthly average minimal coverage rate of $47 and premium coverage of $139.5.

In addition to their reduced rates, nationwide also offers multiple discounts and programs to their members to help them save more on their car insurance policies.

4. Allstate Insurance

This insurance company offers a minimum coverage of $46.5 average monthly rate and a premium of $203. They also offer Safe driving bonuses, allowing drivers to earn a check in their golf cart insurance policy every 6 months without an accident.

In addition to Drivewise, a program that gives drivers rewards for passing safe driving challenges.

5. GEICO Insurance

GEICO insurance doesn’t just offer one of the cheapest golf cart insurance, and they also offer standard coverage options.

Their minimum coverage costs an average of $30 per month, while their premium rate is $108 monthly.

GEICO also offers membership discounts and programs to help drivers make the best choices for their golf cart in terms of product purchase.

How Much is Golf Cart Insurance

The cost to insure a golf cart has been reported to be $600 to $1000 per annum. In cases where the golf cart is used specifically off-road, the Progressive insurance policy costs $75 per annum, while a more complex policy will cost $405.

Best Golf Cart Liability Insurance

You can get the best golf cart liability insurance from XINSURANCE. They offer payment for all injuries and property damage sustained by the third party up to your policy’s limit.

In cases where your case appears in court, legal expenses will also be covered. XINSURANCE offers all coverage ranging from general liability, physical damage, auto liability, and excess liability to passenger liability.

Best Golf Cart Insurance for Campgrounds

M.B KOURI Insurance Ltd. offers the best golf cart insurance for campgrounds they allow you to add your golf cart to your trailer insurance policy to have it insured while on the campground or any resort property, unlike most insurance that only covers your golf cart on the golf course.

Coverage is offered for hail, watercraft, theft, and hail, alongside other liability coverage.

What Policies Are Provided by The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Golf Cart Owners?

These are the policies provided by the cheapest car insurance companies for golf cart owners:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance coverage.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Property damage liability insurance coverage.
  • Collision insurance coverage.

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance Coverage

In cases where you cause bodily harm to another person in an accident with your golf cart, this coverage will be used to pay for the health bills of that person.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

In cases where your golf cart is damaged by a factor other than a collision, like fire or steal, this coverage can help repair that damage.

Property Damage Liability Insurance Coverage

In cases where your golf cart damages another person’s property, this coverage can be used to pay for damages caused.

Collision Insurance Coverage

In cases where your golf cart is involved in a collision, regardless of who is at fault, this coverage can be used to carry out repairs.

Does Car Insurance Cover Golf Cart Accidents?

Unfortunately, most standard car insurance does not cover golf cart accidents as they are actually regarded as cars. However, you can take a separate low-speed or recreational vehicle insurance for your golf cart.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Golf Carts?

In cases where you do not own a golf cart, a Homeowners insurance policy covers the liability that arises from using the cart. However, in cases where you own a golf cart, your homeowner insurance policy may not cover your golf cart as they have limited policies for golf carts, except if you purchase a separate recreational vehicle policy for your golf cart.

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We must take out insurance for our golf carts to be safe in accidents. Golf cart insurance also presents itself as a way of investing or saving funds for future use. Seeing this importance, it could only be better if individuals had access to the cheapest golf cart insurance, hence this article. I highly recommend that you take out golf cart insurance from any of the companies discussed above to avoid unfortunate situations later in the future.

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