Homemade Golf Cart Rear Seat

How to Build a Homemade Golf Cart Rear Seat: (6 Minutes) DIY

I love to do fun DIY projects with my Club Car golf cart and this time to change the back seat because they needed a replacement. Making a homemade golf cart rear seat was so much fun!

This is a quick and simple project that you can do it in 6 minutes or less. Building a Homemade Golf Cart Rear Seat really depends on your skill level, but in this article article, I would like to show you how I built mine in 9 steps.

Materials & Tools Needed to Make a Homemade Golf Cart Rear Seat

  1. Upholstery Foam.
  2. Marine Vinyl Fabric.
  3. Polyester Thread.
  4. 2 pieces of equal-length wood.
  5. Handlebars.
  6. Plywood for the seat base.
  7. Some nuts & screws.

These are all the materials and tools that you will need to make your own golf cart rear seat at home.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of making your own seat, check out this article on the  Best Golf Cart Seats.

How to Make a Homemade Golf Cart Rear Seat: Step-by-step Instructions

Follow these steps to make a Golf Cart Rear Seat at your home:

1. Place the Wooden Logs Parallel to Each Other

1. Lay down your two large wooden logs side by side. Make sure they are equal length and their size is exactly the same as large you want the seat to be with respect to your golf cart.

2. Place the Plywood Board on Top of The Wooden Logs

Measure the Plywood board and make sure its width matches your golf cart seating area. Now, cut the extra Plywood and make sure its dimensions are exactly what you want your golf cart seat to be.

3. Cut the Extra Plywood to Build the Base of The Rear Golf Cart Seat

2. Next, lay down a few pieces of wood between the bottom of each board and the floor.

3. Fill up both of the plastic tubs with water. Place one of the 4×4 boards on top of the filled tubs, so that it rests right above the edge of the tubs.

4. Attach a Small Metal Plate on Both Sides of The Seat

Attach the plates by drilling holes on the board and the plates and screw them together. Doing this will allow us to screw the handlebars and the seat’s base together.

5. Place the Handlebars on Either Side of The Metal Plates

Drill and attach the seat’s handlebars on both the edges of the seat.

6. Cut the Foam to The Size of The Seats Base

Measure the seat’s base that we just made and cut the foam to its required size.

7. Cut the Vinyl Fabric into 4 Pieces to Make the Seat Cover

Cut the Marine Vinyl Fabric into exact sizes enough to cover the foam from all sides.

8. Stitch the Vinyl Fabric Together with A High Strength Polyester Thread

Use a sewing machine to stitch the fabric together with a High Strength Polyester Thread. Wrap the fabric tightly to the foam from its base to make the seat cover for your golf cart.

9. Attach the Frame, Handlebars, and the Seat Together

The last step to make a homemade golf cart seat is to screw all the individual pieces like the base, handlebars, and seat together.

Video Instructions on Making a Homemade Rear Seat for Golf Cart

To help you with the installation process, here is a video demonstration:

How to Install the Homemade Golf Cart Rear Seat

You can install your homemade golf cart rear seat in 3 simple steps:

  1. Open the cart’s storage compartment by lifting the latch on the side.
  2. Lift out the rear seat assembly.
  3. Attach the rear seat assembly to the cart by screwing it into the cart’s frame.

How to make a Homemade Club Car Rear Seat

Homemade Club Car Rear Seat

The process of building a homemade club car rear seat is the same as above, just make sure to measure the club car golf cart’s seat dimensions accurately.

Cost of Making a Homemade Golf Cart Back Seat

The cost of building a Homemade Golf Cart Back Seat yourself is just under $100.

If you break down the costs, a 4x24x72 foam will cost you $50, a 1-yard fabric $13 and the plywood will be under $40 from a local hardware store.

This cost does not include the screws and the seat handlebars which might cost you a bit extra, but it is quite cheaper than buying a new golf cart rear seat.


I hope you like this simple method of building a homemade golf cart rear seat. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any difficulties in making one for yourself.

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