Decorate Golf Cart for Halloween

Decorate Golf Cart for Halloween: 10+ Easy Decoration Ideas

With fall right around the corner, it’s a great time to start making little preparations for Halloween decorations.

If you are looking to make your golf cart scary this Halloween season, then this is the exact article you need.

I have put together this guide on how to Decorate Golf Cart for Halloween with the best Halloween decorations kits, ideas, and so much more.

How to Decorate Golf Cart for Halloween?

How to Decorate Golf Cart for Halloween?

Check out these ways to decorate golf cart for Halloween:

  • Dress up a scarecrow figure to ride alongside. Ensure to tie it to your cart, so it doesn’t fall off.
  • Use some plywood to turn your golf cart into a mini haunted house.
  • Add some pumpkin heads and lights to give your cart a different look.
  • Attach some inflatable Halloween characters to your golf cart.
  • Add a skeleton to your rooftop and position it to peer down the front at the driver. You can even add a dog and cat skeleton.
  • Place a giant spider on the cart’s roof. You can decorate the sides with ready-made spider webs for extra effect.

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Top 3 Halloween Golf Cart Decorating Kits

These are the 3 best Halloween Golf Cart Decorating Kits:

22 Piece Halloween Golf Cart Decoration Kit
  • Perfect kit for decorating your golf cart.
Pumpkin Lights for Golf Cart
  • Light up your golf cart with these Pumpkin shaped lights.
Life Size Skeleton on Your Driver Seat
  • Place this life-size skeleton on the driver side seat of your golf cart to make it look scary!

Easy Golf Cart Halloween Decorations

Check out these Easy Golf Cart Halloween Decorations:

1000 sqft Spider Webs
  • Spread fake cobwebs all over the golf car.
Groundbreaker Zombie with Sound and Flashing Eyes for Golf Cart Roof
  • Position this Groundbreaker Zombie on your golf cart seat or roof.
  • Sound and motion detection.
Spider Web Lights
  • Stick these Spider Web Lights on your golf cart's body.

Halloween Golf Cart Decor Ideas

Here are a few Halloween Golf Cart Decor Ideas:

1. Scooby Doo Golf Cart Idea for Halloween

Scooby Doo Halloween Golf Cart Decorating Ideas

This is one of the most common Halloween golf cart decors. Follow these steps to make a scooby doo Halloween Golf Cart Decor:

  1. Cut out large cardboard.
  2. Use sheets of cardboard on each side of the golf cart.
  3. Cut holes in it for windows, and maybe one for the door.
  4. Cover the front. Be careful not to cover the headlights in the process.
  5. Paint the cardboard with red, blue, and green paint like the scooby Doo van.

2. Haunted Ghost Cart Decor Ideas

Haunted golf cart

When you hear Halloween, you are sure to think about ghosts. A ghost cart will make great decor for this Halloween. Here’s how to achieve this:

  • Place some Stretchable Cobwebs along the sides and front windows. Ensure you make enough room to see while driving.
  • Place some rubber spiders in the webbing.
  • Cut out some grave markers using cardboard and stick them to the sides of your golf cart.
  • Cut some cardboard and make drawings of ghosts on them, then stick it to the grave markers.
  • Add some pumpkin heads string lights on the rear seats.
  • Place a large inflatable spider on the cart’s roof.

3. Pumpkin Head Cart Idea

Here’s another great idea for this Halloween. Here’s how to do it:

  • Place some pumpkin heads and ghost-shaped and battery-powered string lights.
  • Add some spider webbing to the front of the cart.
  • Add a large pumpkin head to the rooftop. You can also place a witch hat on top for more effect.

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Golf Cart Decorations for Halloween Parade

Below is a list of the best Golf Cart Decorations for Halloween Parade:

Inflatable 7 ft Giant Fire & Ice 2 Headed Dragon
  • This huge dragon will look eye-catchy during a Halloween golf cart parade.
420 LED American Advanced Flag String Lights
  • You can never go wrong with the American Flag lights in a parade.
2 Piece Pirate Flag for Halloween Parade
  • Cover your golf cart with these Pirate Flags.

Top 3 Scary Golf Cart Ideas

These are the top 3 Scary Golf Cart Ideas for 2022:

  1. Zombie apocalypse cart.
  2. Haunted golf cart.
  3. Walking dead cart.

Witch Golf Cart Decorations: My Favorite Picks

These are my favorite picks for Witch Golf Cart Decorations:

3 Pack Hanging Witch with Bendable Arms
  • This set of 3 scary witches is perfect to decorate your golf cart for Halloween.
Inflatable 5 ft Flying Witch with LED Lights
  • This blow-up witch will be your perfect witchy decor for Halloween.
Light up with Grounderbreaker Sound Effect Witch Decor
  • It’s time to surprise trick-or-treaters by placing this motion detector witch on your golf cart.

Halloween Golf Cart Decorations for Kids

Below is a list of Halloween golf cart decorations for kids:

Halloween Trunk or Treat Kit for Kids
  • Place these items on your golf cart and kids will love it.
Happy Halloween Quote Flag 12
  • This flag will look good on any golf cart and the animated design will be loved by kids.
Ghost Wizard lights decoration for golf cart
  • These cute ghosts will make your golf cart look attractive to kids on Halloween.

How Do You Dress up A Golf Cart for Halloween?

To dress up a golf cart for Halloween, here’s what to do.

  • Use masking tape to hang decorations and signs from the windows. 
  • Attach the decorations and signs directly to the cart’s exterior using magnetic tape. Simply Peel off the adhesive backing of the tape and stick it to your sign, then stick the magnet side of the tape to the side of the car. 
  • Use wire twist-ties to firmly hold streamers and garlands to the front bumpers and grills. 
  • Cover the running boards and sides of the vehicle with a long metallic fringe by wiring the ends of the fringe under the car. 
  • Make sure that all objects do not obstruct the wheels or engine.
  • Make drawings on the windows with window markers or liquid chalk. 
  • Avoid writing on the body of the car.
  • Leave enough windshield space for the driver to see clearly.

How Do You Put Decorations on A Golf Cart?

Make a decision as to what Halloween decor you want to go with and add them to your golf cart. You can start from the roof or the front of your cart. Just have fun turning your cart into your desired Halloween idea.

How Do You Put Halloween Lights on A Golf Cart?

To put Halloween Lights on A Golf Cart, a remote-controlled spring light would be the best option. You can simply place it around the rooftop edges, front, and rear of your golf cart. You can use some tapes to hold them into place.


In the spirit of Halloween, decorating our golf carts especially if we have a Halloween parade is one fun thing to do. This article on How to Decorate Golf Carts for Halloween has all the details you need to get your cart all fixed up for this season.

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