Crown Golf Cart Batteries Review

Crown Golf Cart Batteries Reviews (2023) Pros & Cons Tested

I can still vividly recall the first day I installed Crown Golf Cart Batteries in my wife’s trusty Club Car.

So I have enough experience to be able to provide you with my overview.

I decided to jot down my experiences, impressions, and provide you with my Crown Golf Cart Batteries Reviews in this blog post.

Crown Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

Crown cr-gc150 12v 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery
Crown cr-gc150 12v 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery
Crown cr-gc150 12v 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

Crown Golf Cart Batteries are highly efficient, deep cycle EV batteries that require minimal maintenance. They have robust construction, deliver solid performance, and are more affordable than many competitors.

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Crown Golf Cart Batteries Reviews2

Top 3 Crown Golf Cart Battery

These are the Top 3 Crown Golf Cart Batteries:

Crown Golf Cart Battery CR-165
Crown Golf Cart Battery CR-165
  • BCI Group Size: GC8
  • Volts: 8v
  • Amp-Hour Capacity(20hr rate): 165 Ah
  • 5 Hr Rate: 140Ah
  • Discharge Capacity: 117 / 56A
  • Terminal Type: Type S
Crown CR-205 Deep Cycle Battery
Crown CR-205 Deep Cycle Battery
  • BCI Group Size: GC2
  • Volts: 6v
  • Amp-Hour Capacity(20 hr rate): 205Ah
  • 5 Hr Rate: 170Ah
  • Discharge Capacity: 105 / 75A
  • Terminal Type: Standard
Crown CR-gc150 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery
Crown CR-gc150 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery
  • BCI Group Size: 31
  • Volts: 12v
  • Amp-Hour Capacity(20 hr rate): 130Ah
  • 5 Hr Rate: 105Ah
  • Discharge Capacity: 200 / 25A
  • Terminal Type: Standard

Crown 8v Golf Cart Batteries Review

Crown CR-165 Replacement Battery for Trojan T875 8 Volt, 165 AH Deep Cycle Battery x6

The 8 volts Crown golf cart batteries are one of the best and most affordable golf cart batteries on the market today. They have an average lifespan of six years and a faster recharging time. 
Crown batteries are very easy to maintain, and they provide golf cart owners with strong power, a reliable warranty, and durability that lasts a long time. They feature a thick, wide plate and a lug that is fixed into the plate. These features improve the battery's charging speed and capacity when compared to conventional flooded batteries.

Features of Crown Golf Cart Batteries

Here are the features of the Crown Golf Cart batteries:

  • Solid Cast Design
  • AGM Separator
  • Advanced Plate Construction
  • Spill Proof and Maintenance Free
  • Robust Cell design
  • Three Volt Options with various sizes and spec
  • One year warranty period
  • Generally Affordable
  • Longer discharge time
  • Battery has maximum durability and electrical efficiency
  • Battery produces an even output that lasts incredibly long

Solid Cast Design

In order to increase the battery’s weight and reduce the possibility of vibration-related damage, Crown batteries incorporate more lead into their solid cast grids.

AGM Separator

The glass mat separator in Crown batteries is made from high strength glass to achieve a more efficient charging capacity along with enhanced recovery from the deep cycle discharge.

Strong Cell Architecture

An upgraded, heavier cast-on strap is used in the construction of deep cycle AGM batteries (C.O.S.). The cell is cleverly constructed to increase power production and strengthen its internal resistance to motion damage.

Amp Hours

Amp-hour ratings for Crown 6 volt batteries are variable. Nonetheless, they have a 20 hour discharge time of 11 to 19.5 amps. The amp loads from their 12 volt batteries range from 1.65 to 12 amps for a full 20 hours of use.

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Pros & Cons of Crown Golf Cart Batteries

Here are the pros and cons of Crown Golf Cart Batteries

  • Very little upkeep is needed.
  • No worries about gassing up here.
  • Offers a deep discharge.
  • Efficient Spillproof that reduces leakage of battery acid.
  • Highly efficient charging capabilities.
  • Crown Batteries are expensive.
  • A shorter warranty period compared to their competitors

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

It’s no exaggeration to say that Crown batteries are much adored. Check out some Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

  • I recommend this product. It is one of the well built and powerful batteries. It fits my needs since I have six of the same kind. When you learn how to create a combination of parallel and series, that is the battery for your project (Robert D, United States).
  • Absolutely Satisfied! Outstanding!!! (Troy C. United States).
  • Happy customer. Short time observation. No problems (Nicholas S., United States).
  • I recommend this product. Nice batteries at a good price. Delivery to my door, perfect for what I needed (Robert J., United States).

What is the Warranty on Crown Golf Cart Batteries?

Crown batteries have a 12-month guarantee. This is a one-year window in which to report a defective battery and receive a free replacement. Your warranty will expire at the end of the first year.

How Long Do Crown Golf Cart Batteries Last

Crown batteries would support your golf cart for a good 6 to 7 years without completely changing the battery.

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FAQs on Crown Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

Here are the frequently asked questions about the Crown Golf Cart Batteries Reviews:

Are Crown batteries good?

For more than 90 years, Crown Battery has been a trusted name in the battery industry. Crown is the brand you can trust when you need the best quality and performance.

What types of golf carts are compatible with Crown Golf Cart Batteries?

Crown golf cart batteries are compatible with a wide range of golf carts. So whether you have Golf Carts G22, G23, G27, G3, G5, G8, G9, Marathon, Medalist, MPT, Precedent, RXV, ST, TXT, or Yamaha, Crown Golf Cart Batteries can be suitable for powering them.

Who makes Crown Golf Cart Batteries?

Golf CaCrown rt Batteries are manufactured by Crown Battery Manufacturing Company, which is based in Fremont, Ohio, United States.

What is the capacity of Crown Golf Cart Batteries?

Crown golf cart batteries come in various capacities. The specific capacity depends on the model and type of battery. Common capacities range from 150Ah to 230Ah.

Where can I purchase Crown Golf Cart Batteries?

Crown golf cart batteries are readily available for purchase on the company’s main website. The websites will direct you to the nearest dealer in your area who stocks the batteries.


My Crown Golf Cart Batteries Reviews has convinced me that they are a high quality brand. So, if you are looking for one of the best brands for golf cart batteries, Crown batteries tend to lead the pack with their outstanding performance and low-maintenance model.

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