Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade

Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade | Make Your Golf Cart Faster

Are you tired of feeling like you’re moving very slowly in your Club Car Onward golf cart?

If you want to add some extra speed and power to your ride, a Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade may be just what you need.

In this article, we’ll explore the options available for Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade, including DIY solutions and professionally installed kits.

We’ll also discuss how to test the electric speed upgrade.

Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade: How To Guide

Follow these steps for Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade:

  1. Disable the Pedal-up mode, which prevents regenerative braking after the pedal is released. The regenerative braking will limit the maximum speed to the controller’s maximum RPM preset.
  2. Turn off the Excel brakes to prevent your golf cart from naturally slowing down when the pedal is released.
  3. Install a zip tie on the governor spring. This zip tie could be clipped on or wrapped around the plug’s wire.
  4. Install an RPM tachometer and adjust the throttle cable.
  5. Equip your cart with a Club Car lift kit with a powerful controller, a solenoid rated at least 200 amps, and at least 4ga wires for the power system.

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How Do I Change the Speed Code on My Club Car Onward?

Before we talk about changing the speed code on your Club Car Onward golf cart, it’s important to understand that there are five speed codes and they are: 

  • Speed Code 1 ( 8 Mph)
  • Speed Code 2 (11 Mph)
  • Speed Code 3 (14.7 Mph)
  • Speed Code 4 (19.7 Mph)
  • Speed Code 5 (21+Mph)

Knowing this about the different speed codes of your Club Car golf cart, you should also know that your local golf cart dealer has to be the one to change your speed code because he will likely set the Speed Codes 1-3 for free. If you want to change your speed code, the following points should be noted.

  • Speed Codes 4 and 5 should be bought through a Club Car dealer alongside your Specific Controller and serial number.
  • Your Club Car dealer will charge you about $75-$100 for the code because Club Car charges the dealer for the code.

To change the speed code:

  1. Fix the Pangolin programmer to your cart, following the instructions in the golf cart manual.
  2. Input the speed code you want to be upgraded to.
  3. After this, your golf cart will have a 5-6 mph speed upgrade.

Club Car Onward Lithium Speed Upgrade

Club Car Onward Lithium Speed Upgrade

Lithium golf cart batteries are more powerful than similarly sized SLA batteries. This means a significant increase in speed and performance for golf carts. To upgrade the speed of your Lithium powered Club Car Onward, follow these steps in any order:

  1. Watch how much weight you add to your golf cart.
  2. Increase the torque on your golf cart.
  3. Improve your golf cart’s speed controller.
  4. Install bigger and better golf cart tires.
  5. Install a better motor on your golf cart.

Club Car Onward Gas Speed Upgrade

One or all of the following steps should be taken if you want your Club Car Onward gas golf cart to move faster than it normally does.

  1. Upgrade your golf cart motor: a bigger motor has more torque, so the car can handle more weight and go faster. Also, note that upgraded motors require upgraded batteries as well.
  2. Adjust the governor: the governor helps to reduce the amount of fuel that goes into the engine of your gas golf cart. For your golf cart to move faster, you will need to adjust the governor so that more fuel can get into the engine, but you must be careful, so you don’t cause the engine to overheat and begin to stall as a result of too much fuel getting into the engine.
  3. Buy and install bigger tires: this can be an alternative to installing a new motor on your gas golf cart. Replace your standard golf cart tires, which are about 18 inches in diameter, with bigger tires of up to 24 inches, and it will increase the speed of your golf cart.
  4. Increase your torque: your torque’s job is to make your cart turn faster, and it provides more speed and ensures that your cart can easily navigate bends. The more torque a gas golf cart has, the more traction the golf cart motor will have and the faster the cart will go.
  5. Replace your battery with a better one: consult your golf cart manual to see the maximum battery voltage it can handle. If your battery voltage is lower than the manual recommends, you can upgrade to a better one. Ensure you purchase one with a sufficient water level.

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Club Car Onward Electric Speed Upgrade

To do this, you will need the following tools:

  • Screwdrivers.
  • Safety gloves.
  • Wrench Set.

The following steps should be followed to upgrade the speed of your Club Car Onward electric golf cart. 

  1. Change the speed setting with a handheld programmer.
  2. Change your tires to a bigger size, preferably 20-24 inches in diameter.
  3. Adjust the tension of the throttle cable.
  4. Upgrade your motor by replacing it with one with more RPM.
  5. Keeping your golf cart clean.
  6. Install better high-speed gears.

How to Test Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade

To test Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade, take the golf cart out for a test run and increase the speed from about 14 mph to 18 mph. This will prove that your golf cart has been upgraded.

How Can I Speed up My Club Car Onward?

How can i speed up my club car onward?

The best way to make your golf cart faster is to increase the RPM, upgrade to bigger tires, or use speed chips and magnets.


In this Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade article, we showed you that depending on your current club car’s RPM and tire size, it’s entirely possible to improve speed, torque, etc. Try any of these steps today and have fun fulfilling your need for speed!

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