Club Car Battery Replacement

Club Car Battery Replacement Guide for 48v, 36v, and Gas

I recently had to replace the battery in my Club Car, and let me tell you, it was a bit of an adventure.

But, with a little research and some elbow grease, I was able to get my club car back up and running in no time.

In this post, I want to share my experience and provide a step-by-step Club Car battery replacement guide.

Club Car Battery Replacement: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps for Club Car Battery Replacement:

  1. Turn off the golf cart to ensure power isn’t flowing into the batteries.
  2. Removing any covers or panels that are over the battery compartment.
  3. With a wrench, disconnect the negative (-) cable from the first battery in the series by loosening the terminal nut and then sliding the cable off the terminal.
  4. Use the same process as step 3; disconnect the positive (+) cable from the first battery in the series.
  5. Take out the hold-downs that secure the batteries in place. 
  6. Lift the first battery out of the compartment and place it safely away from the golf cart.
  7. Do the same thing in steps 3-6 for every battery in the series.
  8. Install the new batteries in the compartment and ensure they are well-positioned like the previous batteries.
  9. Reconnect the positive cable to the first battery in the series and then the negative cable, and do the same for all the batteries in the series.
  10. Secure the batteries in place by fixing back the hold-downs.
  11. Close the battery compartment and any covers or panels that were removed.
  12. Start the golf cart and ensure the battery gauge shows a full charge.
  13. Test drive your golf cart for a while to be sure that it is running smoothly.

Before replacing your battery, ensure you have carried out your Club Car Battery Charger Troubleshooting to properly diagnose your golf cart battery.

Top 5 Batteries to Use for Club Car Battery Replacement

These are the top 5 batteries to use for Club Car battery replacement:

Top Pick
Trojan Golf Cart Battery
Trojan Golf Cart Battery
  • Battery capacity of 170 Ah.
  • Battery voltage of 8 volts.
  • Offers a 2-year warranty
Editor's Choice
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-31T
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-31T
  • Compatible with most chargers.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • High charge efficiency design.
Budget Pick
UPB UB 12350 Golf Cart Battery
UPB UB 12350 Golf Cart Battery
  • Versatile.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Compatible with most chargers.
Most Durable
ExpertPower Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

ExpertPower Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

  • User friendly.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Sealed lead-acid battery
Check Price
Best Design
Ampere Time LiFePO4 Battery

Ampere Time LiFePO4 Battery

  • Requires little to no maintenance.
  • Expected life cycle of 10 years.
Check Price

If you are looking to not replace the entire batteries and just the charger instead, check out this post on Best 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger for Club Car.

Tools and Supplies Needed for Club Car Battery Replacement

Club Car Battery Replacement

The following tools are necessary for Club Car battery replacement:

  • Manual or instructions.
  • Battery terminal cleaner.
  • Battery terminal protectant.
  • New batteries.
  • Safety glasses and gloves.
  • Battery cleaning solution.
  • Wrenches.
  • Battery tester.
  • Battery charger.
  • Battery tray.

Safety Precautions During Club Car Battery Replacement

The following precautions should be taken during Club Car battery replacement: 

  • Ensure your golf cart is turned off and the key is removed from the ignition.
  • Wear personal protective equipment, like gloves and safety glasses.
  • Disconnect the negative cable when removing the old battery and connect the negative cable last when installing the new one.
  • Clean the battery terminals and cable connectors with a wire brush before reattaching them.
  • Ensure the golf cart’s replacement battery is the correct size and type.
  • Do not wear any metal jewelry that could contact the battery terminals.
  • Check the battery voltage and charge level after installation.
  • Properly dispose of the battery at a recycling center or authorized battery collection facility.
  • Use tools that are insulated when handling the batteries.
  • Make sure the battery is well secured and will not shift during operation.

To check the battery voltage, you will need this Golf Cart Battery Voltage Chart.

Factors to Consider When Replacing Club Car Battery

The following factors should be considered before Club Car battery replacement: 

  • Price and value for money.
  • Installation and compatibility.
  • Environmental impact and disposal options.
  • Battery size.
  • Brand and quality.
  • Maintenance requirements.
  • Warranty.
  • Battery type.
  • Battery voltage.
  • Battery capacity.

When Do I Need to Replace My Club Car Batteries?

These signs show that your Club Car needs a battery replacement:

  • Your golf cart experiences lower acceleration and decreased power.
  • Your golf cart is difficult to start.
  • You notice corrosion on the battery terminals.
  • Your batteries are more than 5 years old.
  • You always need to recharge the batteries.
  • Your cart has a reduced driving range.
  • Your batteries are leaking or bulging.

How Much Does Club Car Battery Replacement Cost?

A single Club Car golf cart battery costs between $100 and $300. This means the total cost for a complete set of batteries ranges from around $400 to $1,200.

What Size Battery Does a Club Car Take?

Though the size and make of the golf carts vary, Club Car golf carts use six 8-volt or four 12-volt lead-acid batteries. Some models use eight 6-volt batteries.

How to Maintain Club Car Battery After Replacement

To maintain your Club Car battery after replacement, follow these recommendations:

  • Avoid deep discharges, which can reduce the life of the batteries.
  • Regularly carry out battery load tests to check the health of the batteries.
  • Ensure that the batteries are clean and debris-free.
  • Store the golf cart in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • Do not overcharge the batteries.
  • Replace the batteries as needed.
  • Regularly check for corrosion or damage on the battery terminals and cables.
  • Fully charge the batteries.
  • Check water levels and top off if necessary.
  • Use a battery maintenance charger to keep the batteries charged when the golf cart is unused.

This article on Golf Cart Battery Charging Tips will help you optimally manage your golf cart battery.


These are some frequently asked questions concerning Club Car battery replacement:

What Type of Battery Should I Use to Replace My Club Car Battery?

You can replace your Club Car battery with deep-cycle lead-acid batteries, which can be either flooded or sealed lead-acid batteries.

How Often Do Club Car Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

How Often Do Club Car Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

Your Club Car battery should be replaced after every 5-6 years.


Club Car battery replacement is a vital maintenance task that must be carried out occasionally to ensure that your golf cart performs optimally and lasts long. Before replacement, take safety precautions, like wearing personal protective equipment.

Club Car Battery Replacement regularly will help you avoid unexpected breakdowns, reduce the risk of battery damage, and keep your golf cart running smoothly. Before purchasing, consider your battery’s price, quality, capacity, and voltage.

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