Cheapest Electric Golf Trolley

Cheapest Electric Golf Trolley in 2023 (Top 10 Reviews)

I’ve picked a few of the cheapest golf trolleys available in the market today and ranked them below.

This post looks at the cheapest electric golf trolley available in 2023.

Top 10 Cheapest Electric Golf Trolley in 2023

Below is a list of the top 10 Cheapest Golf Cart Trolley in 2023:

1. Ben Sayers Unisex Lead Acid Battery Electric Golf Trolley

  • Large 200w motor powered by a 12V/36Ah lead-acid battery.
  • Played for 36 holes without charging.
  • Fitted with a 9-speed control dial.
  • A pre-set distance function.
  • Automatic cut-off charger. 
  • Free accessory pack including a scorecard holder, umbrella holder, drinks holder, and rain cover.

The Ben Sayers trolley is designed with a 36-hole lead acid battery that can play for 36 holes, 9 various speed levels, and durable lightweight aluminum materials that make it super easy to move around on the golf course. It also comes with an easy-to-fold design and quick-to-release rear wheels which makes it super easy to fold up in seconds.


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2. Rider Electric Golf Trolley

  • Plays 36 holes on one charge.
  • A 12v 36AH lead acid battery.
  • Freewheel mode.
  • Charger with automatic cut-off function.
  • Super lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Large 262mm streamlined extra grip wheels.
  • Easy to adjust gears.

The Rider Electric Golf Trolley is designed with powerful performance and simplicity in mind. It is lightweight, navigates through 36 holes on one charge, is easily compressible, easy to adjust gears, and extra grip wheels to help prevent joint pains.

3. Caddymatic V2 Electric Golf Trolley

  • Compact Flat Fold Design.
  • 34aH 36-hole LUCAS battery.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Simple Folding Action.
  • Umbrella Holder & Accessory Station.
  • Foot Parking Brake.

The innovative technology and design of the Caddymatic V2 Electric Golf Trolley is designed with a punchy motor and upgraded battery which allows the trolley to move freely. It is also designed with strong aluminum alloy and LUCAS battery with a deep cycling capacity to promote longevity.

4. Pro Rider Electric Golf Trolley

  • A large 200W motor with 12V/33AH lead acid battery 
  • Plays 36 holes on one charge.
  • Automatic cut-off charger 
  • Free accessories include a drinks holder, accessory station, umbrella holder, scorecard holder, a carry bag, and rain cover.

The Pro Rider Golf Trolley comes with a huge 200W motor which allows it to move with ease on the steepest trails. It also has various speeds to choose from to offer you the perfect power and range for all varied courses, a 36AH sealed battery for 36 plays without charge, a durable aluminum frame, charger, battery bag, and much more to provide you with the comfort and convenience you need on the golf course.

5. Offmetrolley Z1 Electric Golf Trolley

  • 33AH lead acid battery.
  • Plays 36 Holes without charging.
  • Durable frame and Lightweight.
  • Quick Release Compact Folding.
  • Carrying capacity of 30kgs.
  • All digital displays and distance timer functions.
  • 9 Variable Speed Settings.
  • Battery Level Indicator.

Offmetrolley Z1 Electric Golf Trolley is designed to offer convenience and comfort. It has a powerful quite 200w motor and 33AH battery to ensure longevity and easy movement on the course. It also has a go/stop function with a preset feature. It also comes with a Tee bar handle, visual battery level indicator, quick release cart bag support, ultra grip rubber tyres, and more. At a very affordable price, this trolley offers great value for money.

6. Rider Men Electric Golf Trolley

  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • 35° gradient climb.
  • Adjustable gears with a simple turn of the power knob.
  • LCD with a Battery power display
  • 432W rating 36AH battery

The Rider Men Electric Golf Trolley comes with various unique features like an ambidextrous controller, a Lightweight aluminum frame for added durability and stability, an Aerodynamic battery base tray, 262mm streamlined extra grip wheels, Freewheel mode Modern Wheel, an Automatic cut off charger to curtail overcharging, free bag, cup holder, and other accessories.

7. PowerBug Sport GT Lithium Electric Golf Trolley

  • Advanced 2021 Graphite Finish Frame.
  • VRAP Distance Control
  • Easy fold up and down.
  • Low Profile High Traction Tyres.
  • 9 Speed Settings available.
  • Plays 18 holes on one charge.

The PowerBug Sport GT electric trolley to run on and stop on its own for about 50 yards. It has 9 speed settings to allow you to choose your own range, can go for 18 plays on one charge, and has a durable frame and tires.

8. Ben Sayers 2020 18 Hole Electric Golf Trolley

  • Large 200W motor that can tackle even the steepest of slopes.
  • Plays 18-Hole on one charge.
  • A lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Nine-speed control dial with a pre-set distance function. 
  • Automatic cut-off charger.
  • Free accessory pack including scorecard holder, umbrella holder, a carry bag, rain cover, and drinks holder.

The Ben Sayers 2020 18 holes electric golf trolley features a 200W motor and lithium batteries with a life span that is about 5 times longer than a traditional lead-acid battery to aid easy movement around the golf course. It also has a lightweight, nine-speed control dial, pre-set distance control, and automatic cut off charger.

9. Powerhouse Golf Electric Lithium Golf Trolley

  • 36 holes Lithium Battery.
  • Easy to fold function.
  • Integrated preset distance control.
  • Semi-solid tires.
  • USB port for a phone.

The Powerhouse Go-Golf Electric Lithium trolley offers functionality that can only be found in more expensive models at an affordable price. It provides an easy-to-fold feature in just 2 seconds, digital control, preset distance control, enamel coatings with Matt black moldings, and some accessories like umbrellas and cup holders.

10. Powerhouse Golf Freedom T2-S Electric Golf Trolley

  • Black high gloss enamel coating.
  • High grip tubed pneumatic tires.
  • Simple dial control.
  • 9 speed settings.
  • Waterproof speed control switch button.
  • Digital Display.

The Powerhouse Freedom T2-s is a premium golf Trolley designed with high gloss enamel coating, offers exceptional performance, high grip tubed pneumatic tires for easy movement on the golf course, quick assemble and collapse function, and automatic distance control to provide you with the convenience you need on the golf course.

Cheapest Electric Golf Trolley with Lithium Battery

The Cheapest Electric Golf Trolley with a Lithium Battery is the Pro Rider Golf Trolley.

Cheapest Powakaddy Electric Golf Trolley

The Cheapest Powakaddy Electric Golf Trolley is the PowaKaddy FX3 18 Hole Lithium Adjustable Foldable Golf Trolley.

PowaKaddy FX3 18 Hole Lithium Adjustable Foldable Review

  • Full color 2.3 OCA Full-color widescreen display.
  • High power 30volt speed controller system.
  • HET for greater downhill control.
  • High-Power Plug 'n' Play 30v battery system.
  • High-performance low profile Powa Frame Chassis.

The PowaKaddy FX3 18 holes lithium golf cart is designed with a quiet 30v 230w motor, styled PowaFrame which has the new Plug’n’Play 30volt Max battery and motor system, 1-Click folding system, lightweight, and an easy-to-use design.

Cheapest Motocaddy Electric Trolley

MotoCaddy S1 Digital Walking Powered golf trolley is the Cheapest Motocaddy Electric Trolley in 2023.

Moto Caddy S1 Digital Walking Powered Golf Trolley

  • Soft touch ergonomic handle.
  • Low-profile quick-release wheels.
  • Streamlined battery tray.
  • A 9-speed setting.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Whisper quiet motor.
  • Adjustable bag supports.

The MotoCaddy S1 electric golf cart trolley is designed with several unique features like a streamlined battery tray that accommodates the full range of batteries and a very fast Quikfold technology. It comes with a whisper-quiet motor, adjustable bag supports, and an Easilock bag-to-trolley connection system. 


Electric Golf trolleys can be pricey, however, this article has details on the 10 Cheapest Electric Golf Trolley for 2023.

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