Best Electric Golf Trolley Under £500

Best Electric Golf Trolley Under £500 in 2023: Top 5 Reviews

I’ve tried a lot of electric golf trolleys over the years, and I am up-to-date with the latest ones on the market today.

In this article, I’ve reviewed the 5 Best Electric Golf Trolleys Under £500 and reviewed each with their features and what I think about them.

5 Best Electric Golf Trolley Under £500

These are the 5 best electric golf trolley under £500:

1. PowaKaddy FX3: #1 Choice for the Best Electric Golf Trolley Under £500

  • Full color 2.3 OCA  widescreen display.
  • HET for greater downhill control.
  • High-performance low profile Powa frame chassis.
  • High power 30v speed controller system.
  • High-Power Plug 'n' Play 30v battery system.

The PowaKaddy FX3 18 holes lithium golf cart is designed with a quiet 30v 230w motor, styled PowaFrame which has the new Plug’n’Play 30volt Max battery and motor system, 1-Click folding system, lightweight, and an easy-to-use design.

2. Ben Sayers Remote 36 Hole Electric Trolley

  • 200W motor
  • 12 V/33 Ah Lead Acid Battery
  • LED display
  • 7-speed control function
  • 150 m range.
  • A lot of Accessories.
  • Remote Operated.

The Ben Sayers Remote 36 Hole Trolley is a perfect choice for the Best Electric Golf Trolley Under £500 because it has all the features that you might need. It has remotely operable up to 150 metres and has a lot of accessories like a scorecard holder, drinks holder, umbrella holder, etc.

Check out this popular trolley at Druids Golf Trolley Review.

3. Powerbug GT Tour Lithium Electric Golf Trolley (2023)

  • Capable of 27+ holes.
  • Lightweight and Tiniest Lithium Battery.
  • Auto Stop functionality up to 50 meters.
  • Can be used as a push trolley.
  • Silent Drive Mechanism.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Durable

The 2022 Powerbug GT Tour Lithium Electric Golf Trolley uses the tiniest lithium battery ever used. The battery weighs just 1 kg which makes it very light in weight. This Germany-made electric trolley can has a range of 27 holes on a single charge. The VRAP function in this trolley is very useful and stops it from moving if the distance is increased more than 50 meters.

4. Vision Electric Golf Trolley

  • Compact & Lightweight.
  • Very Bright Screen.
  • High Quality PU rubber tyres 
  • Easy to use.
  • Great Looks.
  • 2 year warranty.

The Vision Electric Golf Trolley ranks #4 in our list of the Best Electric Golf Trolley Under £500 because of its unique looks. This trolley by Vision comes with a 2 year warranty on the trolley itself and a 5 year warranty on its lithium battery. It solves major problems that golfers face like having a bright screen for broad daylight visibility, tires of good quality etc at an affordable price.

5. Motocaddy 2022 S1 Standard Lithium Golf Trolley

  • Wide LCD screen.
  • Uses a Lithium Battery.
  • Lightweight.
  • 45 yard range.
  • Sporty Wheels.
  • 9 speed setting with pause & resume function.

The Motocaddy 2022 S1 Standard Lithium Golf Trolley is a top-notch electric golf trolley that is lightweight and compact. It has an auto distance control feature of 45 yards and comes with sporty wheels. Though the pricing is just a few pounds higher than 500, it is a perfect trolley to be used around the golf course.

How to Choose the Best Electric Golf Trolley Under 500?

There are a few things to consider when choosing an electric golf trolley under 500.

1. Features

The first factor to consider is the features of the trolley. Having features like auto stop, good display, durable tires, etc is very important when looking for the best Electric Golf Trolley Under £500.

2. Battery

Having a lithium battery over a lead-acid battery is important to check when considering spending 500 pounds on an electric golf trolley. Also, the size of the motor used is an essential factor in its compactness.

3. Accessories

Price is obviously a factor, but you also need to consider the accessories the electric trolley offers. You should look for accessories like an umbrella holder, scorecard holder, drinks holder, etc.

4. Compactness

Having a compact trolley is always a good choice over large and bulky ones as they can fit in tight spaces and are easy to be carried with you around the course.

5. Weight of the Trolley

Apart from the compactness of an electric golf trolley, its weight matters a lot too. This is because if you carry around a trolley, it needs to be lightweight and easily operable.


I hope that you now know what are the Best Electric Golf Trolley Under £500 in 2023 and were able to compare their features and reviews after reading this article.

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