reviewing top iron sets for mid handicappers

Best Iron Set for Average Golfer

For starters, the average golfer is someone who likes to play but doesn’t consider himself to be the best player in the world. It’s very easy to get lost in the world of golf if you are not an expert. However, if you want to improve your game, you need to know the best irons set for the average golfer. Well, the truth is that if you have never played before, then you will probably have to buy different kinds of irons to actually judge how each iron feels for you.

If you have been having a hard time getting better at the golfing game, but you also think that you just don’t have the best set of irons for the average golfer, it might be that you are missing some of the key fundamentals of the sport. You might need to upgrade your irons to get the best results and get rid of the average card.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the best iron set for average golfer. I’ll also show you the types of golf irons that you should use, why you need each type, and which one is right for you.

7 Best Iron Set for Average Golfer

To make these recommendations, our group of golf experts gathered to help mid handicappers with their game. To do this, they came up with the 7 best iron set for average golfer in 2024, which were based on real-world tests. The idea is to help you play better golf and improve your game. Read this blog post to find out how.

Taylormade Stealth: Best Taylormade Irons for Average Golfer

TaylorMade Stealth Iron is designed to give you more forgiveness and improved performance on off-center hits. The toe wrap construction provides additional stability and comfort. The high launch also means you get better distance and higher scores. And our Echo Damping System allows you to hit the sweet spot for a smoother feel and less vibration.

Best Taylormade Irons for Average Golfer
Callaway Apex: Best Callaway Irons for Average Golfer

The Callaway Apex is a good choice for the average golfer who is on their way to improving in the sport. The payoff is shown in its length, even though this is the priciest set. The thinner clubface and tungsten added to the long irons result in a significantly increased distance. The two-piece forged “pro” look of these clubs shouldn’t scare off the average golfer, because it is paired with a cavity back, giving the golfer that sought-after sensation of a clean, effortless stroke.

Best Callaway Irons for Average Golfer

Ping i210: Best Ping Irons for Average Golfer

The soft feel with high launch that lands easy on greens with high RPM distance with outstanding accuracy from inside 150 yards is one of the key features of the Ping irons. The i210’s feature a wide sole with a large cavity back for maximum forgiveness, and are a great choice for mid and high handicappers looking for taller shot height and more distance. The irons have a forged look but they are multi-piece and highlighted by the activated elastomer insert in the sole of the iron. The insert helps increase the feel and softness of the shot, which is why the Ping i210 is one of the best Iron Set for Average Golfer.

Best Ping Irons for Average Golfer

Titleist T300 Irons: Best Titleist Irons for Average Golfer

The Titleist T300 iron has a combination of forgiveness and feel that makes it an excellent game improvement club. Max impact technology allows the face to be thinner, which in turn improves launch, speed, and feel through the inclusion of a silicone insert. A sole with more camber is designed to improve turf interaction and maximize forgiveness, as well as a dampener behind the face, which helps make the feel softer. In testing, we found the ball to come off the clubface faster than the old AP1 (which the T300 effectively replaced), but we also enjoyed the sound, which was not so clicky as some game improvement irons tend to be.

Titleist T300 Irons

Mizuno JPX921 Tour Irons: Best Mizuno Irons for Average Golfer

The same sort of design that other brands refer to as a muscle or ‘tour cavity’ iron can be found on the blade. The balls fall on one side or the other of the target line if the golfer plumps for the JPX912 Tour irons. The lower workability is due to the longer blade length (7-iron), which adds a bit more MOI. Our test data shows that if you choose a set ahead of the next JPX921 model, you would be giving up eight yards of carrying with a 7-iron.

TaylorMade M3 Fairway Wood

The TaylorMade M3 is one of the best drivers that you can buy in the market. It is light weighted and has a great feel. It also comes with TaylorMade’s G400 golf ball so that you can enjoy a smoother swing. It has a traditional look and feel but it is made up of a stainless steel shaft and carbon-fiber head which make it durable and long-lasting.

TaylorMade M6 Driver

This is one of the most popular drivers in the market. It is made up of a titanium shaft which makes it lightweight and strong. The M6 driver has a low center of gravity which makes it easy to hit and control. The TaylorMade M6 driver is one of the best drivers available in the market. The M6 Driver set is the last but not the least in our Best Iron Set for Average Golfer list.

Who is considered an average golfer?

According to Golf Magazine, a golfer is classified as an average golfer if he scores between 120 and 130. This is a good score to aim for. Most people believe that a person who scores below 120 doesn’t know how to play golf properly yet. If you want to find what is the best golf club set for tall beginners, check out our article about it.

What Score defines an Average Golfer?

Most people who play golf shoot around 90 or better. But if you take into account everyone who doesn’t record their handicaps, the average score is closer to 100. A person with a high handicap (over 20) would probably shoot over 100. If you’re a low handicapper (under 10), you’d probably shoot below 90.

Most golfers shoot in the 80s. A few people shoot as low as 90. This guy shoots in the 90s. He must be a great golfer!

Golfers who play less than once a week should consider recording their handicaps. Their scores will likely be lower than those who play more often.

There isn’t an official definition of what constitutes a handicap golfer, but we’ve put together a list of golfers who have been ranked by some of the top golf magazines. We’ve also included our research for the best iron set for average golfer, so that you as a mid handicapper can decide easily.

What is it that an average golfer needs to be good at the sport?

The most important things to be good at are A good swing, good putting, good chipping, and putting. Average players can usually hit the ball a long way because they usually have decent irons and a good driver. The average player might also have some skill with their wedges, but they won’t be good at all with their woods. But, if they want to up their golfing game, they need to pick any of our above recommended best iron set for an average golfer.

What time should you consider looking for a new iron set?

Positively, you should buy new irons once every year. But there are exceptions to this rule. You can’t expect your old irons to work well on the course when the game has changed. The most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid buying your irons when you’re about to start playing a lot of golf. In this case, you might want to wait until the end of the summer or during the winter season.

What amount should you be looking for when buying the best iron set for average player?

If you’re a beginner, you may have to spend $1,000 to $2,000 on equipment. But if you’re an average player who wants to improve, you’ll want to consider spending $150 to $300 on your set of clubs. Check out our recommendations that will make your iron set buying decisions easier.

Top features to look out for when buying new Iron sets

The best iron set is the one that fits you the best. If you’re not sure what size to buy, you should ask a professional. The best way to choose a set of golf irons is by playing with a few models and comparing them. If you get lucky, you might find the perfect set. Here are some things you should consider before you go shopping:


The most important thing to keep in mind is the size of your hands. You need a set of irons that will fit you properly. The size of your hand depends on the thickness of your fingers. If your fingers are thick, then you should consider choosing an iron set that has a slightly smaller grip. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to control the club’s weight.


If you’re looking for a more powerful iron set, then you should consider buying the ones that weigh at least 110 grams. The lower the weight, the easier it is to swing. You can also try looking for irons that have a uniform weight, which helps the ball travel straight. A club that has an uneven weight distribution can cause the ball to veer off course.

Grip Size

The grip size of every individual iron is very important. If you play with small hands, then you need a set with a bigger grip. If you play with larger hands, then you’ll want to choose a set with a smaller grip. There are different types of grips. One of the most popular types is the standard rubber grip. There are also some that offer grip adjustments.


You should always purchase your golf iron sets from a reputable brand. You don’t want to buy a set that will break or lose its resale value after a few months. The best way to identify a good brand is to do some research online. You can check if they’re popular among other golfers. Also, you can check their customer service and customer satisfaction scores. You can get an idea of how they treat their customers on this page.

The Shaft

It’s not just about the head of the club. It’s also about the shaft. Your shaft is an important part of your irons. You might think that you can replace the shaft whenever you want. But, that’s not true. Changing the shaft can affect the balance of your clubs. This is because it affects the weight of the clubhead. You need to buy a good iron set if you want to buy the best iron set for average golfer.

Head Weight

This is another important feature. A heavy club will cause you to hit the ball longer than a lighter one. However, if the club is too light, you won’t get the desired distance. You want to aim for a head weight that is in the range of 1.5 ounces (100 – 120 grams).

Club Face

The face of your golf club is the part that contacts the ball. It is designed to allow you to hit the ball with the correct angle and speed. So, you need to check your iron set’s cub face too.

Shaft Flex

The shaft flex affects how far the ball flies. The higher the shaft flex, the longer the flight of the ball. The best iron set for average golfer should have a shaft flex of 50-60 grams. This means that you should be able to swing the club with ease and have the club head move smoothly through your backswing and down through your follow through.

Face Thickness

The thickness of the club face determines the distance that the ball will fly. The thicker the face, the farther the ball will travel. You can purchase a club with a thin face or a thick face. You should choose the former because it allows you to hit the ball further.

Club Head Size

The size of the club head affects the length of the flight of the ball. A large head will allow the ball to travel further than a small head. You should buy an iron set with a medium head if you’re a mid handicapper. If you are a low-rated player, then you should look for a set with a small or medium head.

Difference in Iron Set for an Expert and an Average Player (A mid handicapper)

Here are some of the differences between an iron set for an expert and an average player: Club Head An iron set for a top-rated player will come with a large head. It will allow the player to hit the ball further. This is because it will produce more clubface speed. A large head can be considered as a feature of a quality set. If you have a set with a small club head, then you might experience problems. You need to consider this when you purchase your irons.

If you’re a low-rated player, then you shouldn’t look for an iron set with a large clubhead. You should prefer a set with a medium or small clubhead because the difference in head shape will cause you to swing the club at a different angle. A large head will make it difficult for the ball to enter the head which can cause the ball to lose velocity and go off course.

How to Choose the Best Iron Set for Average Golfers

Choosing the right iron set for the average player is a big decision. But, it’s worth the investment.. You have to choose a set that suits your needs. A set that is too light won’t allow you to get maximum distance. This means that you won’t be able to score a great score on the golf course. In fact, you might even lose balls because of the short distance that they travel. So, before buying an iron set, check out its specs and compare it to the irons that you own. Check the number of grooves, the weight, the size of the clubface, the length, the flex, and more. Also, keep in mind the points discussed above because they will help you choose the best iron set for average golfer. You can read reviews mentioned in this article to know which is the best iron set for average golfer.

Best Irons for Above Average Golfer

The best golf irons for an above average golfer are the ones that help you to gain consistency. Accuracy and feel are also two important factors that you should consider when looking for the best golf irons for above average golfers.

Final Words

In this article, I have reviewed the 7 best iron set for an average golfer in 2024. It explains what set you need to get better at golf, and what type of set is best suited for your needs. The goal is to find a set of irons that will suit their swing and game best. If you play for fun or for money, it’s important to understand your own strengths and weaknesses before making a purchase. Your golf swing is unique, but there are some universal principles that apply across the board. A better understanding of your game will help you make the right choice for your set of irons for average golfer.

I hope that you checked the entire article to read my honest review of the 7 best iron set for average golfer in 2024.

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