Used Golf Carts for Sale Under $500

Used Golf Carts for Sale Under $500 | Cheap 500 Dollar Carts

It is very difficult to find Used Golf Carts for Sale Under $500 because most of them cost at least 1000 dollars. Most pre-owned golf carts that are good, can be quite expensive and will cost you above $3500. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a golf cart below $500, though.

I created this post to help you find the best options for Used Golf Carts for Sale Under $500.

Top 3 Used Golf Carts for Sale Under $500: Gas Options

These are the 3 best Used Golf Carts for Sale Under $500 as of 2022:

2017 Ezgo gas golf cart L6 Express 6 passenger with Kawasaki engine

Type: Gas.

Seat Capacity: 6 Seater.

Location: Austin, Texas.

Price: $500

1980 Cub car

Type: Gas.

Seat Capacity: 2 Seater.

Location: St. Petersburg.

Price: $400.

Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

Type: Gas.

Seat Capacity: 2 Seater.

Location: Seneca, SC.

Price: $500.

Top 3 Electric Used Golf Carts for Sale Under $500

Check out these Electric Used Golf Carts for Sale Under $500:

1. Harley Davis Golf Cart

Price: $300

Location: Brooksville.

Buying link:

2. E-Z-GO 36v golf cart

Price: $400

Location: Dacula, GA.

Buying link:

3. EZ Go Golf Cart 2000 model

Price: $400

Location: Fort White

Buying link:

What to Look for When Buying Cheap Golf Carts for Sale Under 500?

When looking for Cheap Golf Carts for Sale Under 500, it is important to find a cart that meets your specific needs and is within your 500 dollar budget.

1. Brand:

The golf cart’s brand is the most important thing you need to look at when buying Cheap Golf Carts for Sale Under 500. There are many different brands out there, but there are 3 that are the best. They are ezgo, Yamaha, and club car. Their older models are the cheapest on the market, and they are also the best quality.

2. Golf Carts Conditon:

You can tell how much a golf cart has been used by its condition. If it has a lot of scratches or dents, it’s not a very good choice. On the other hand, if it has a few dents and dings, it’s a great choice to own because it shows that the cart was taken care of.

3. Wheels:

Checking the Wheels is also an important thing that you should notice when you are looking for golf carts under 500 dollars. Because, if the tires are very old you will need to replace them as soon as you buy the cart, which will add to the total money spent on buying it.

4. Brakes:

The brakes on a golf cart should be in good condition, as they are one such part of a golf cart that needs replacement often regardless of the age of the cart.

5. Type of Battery:

Another thing to think about when you are buying a golf cart is what type of battery is in it. You want to get one that has an NiMH battery because they last longer and are safer to use than Li-ion batteries.

6. Seats:

A quality golf cart will have a high back seat so that you can carry a lot of people at one time. Also, the seats should be comfortable and firm so that you don’t get tired after a long day of golfing.

How to Buy Golf Carts for 500 Dollars?

There are a few ways to buy golf carts for 500 dollars. One way is to find an abandoned golf cart that has been taken down and is being sold for scrap metal. Another way is to find a used golf cart that is being sold by a golf course or a golf shop.

Where to Find a Used Golf Cart for Sale Under $500?

You can find a used golf cart for sale under $500 at sites like eBay or Criagslist.

Check out our options above to get the best 500 dollar golf carts.


You can still own a used golf cart at a very cheap price of only 500 dollars, though it won’t be brand new. You can simply make your choice from my list of Used Golf Carts for sale under $500 and buy your desired cart.

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