Polaris 450 vs 570

Polaris 450 vs 570 ATV Comparison |Sportsman Specs, Features

The release of the Polaris Sportsman 570 after the 470 came with much speculation.

With several noticeable similarities between these two vehicles, the one question almost everyone asked was: which is better?

I have written this article on Polaris 450 vs 570 to help give you a detailed insight into these two vehicles, how they differ, and of course, which is better.

Polaris 450 vs 570

The major difference between the Polaris 450 and 570 ATVs is the horsepower. The Polaris 570 has 25% more horsepower than the 450, with a horsepower of 44HP compared to the 450’s 33HP.

Polaris 450 vs 570

Additionally, the Polaris Sportsman 570 ATV offers additional accessories such as thumb warmers, pursuit camo, and rhino grips, which are not available on the Sportsman 450. These differences make the Polaris 570 a more powerful and versatile ATV compared to the 450.

Polaris 450 vs 570 ATV Comparison Table

This is the Polaris 450 vs 570 ATV Comparison Table:

FeaturesPolaris 450 ATVPolaris 570 ATV
Engine499.6cc electronic fuel-injected ProStar SOHC,4 strokes, single-cylinder engine567cc electronic fuel injected ProStar DOHC liquid-cooled, 4 halves, 4 strokes, single cylinder.
Speed55-58 mph63 mph
  • Front: sealed MacPherson strut with 8.2 inches travel suspension
  • Rear: sealed dual A-Arm, IRS with 9.5 inches travel suspension
  • Front: a McPherson struts front suspension with 9 inches of travel
  • Rear: dual a-arm rear suspension with 10 inches of travel.
Towing capacity1,350 lb1500 pounds
Ground clearance11.5 inches12-inch

Engine Comparison Between Polaris Sportsman 450 and 570 ATVs

The Polaris 450 is engineered with a 499.6cc electronic fuel-injected ProStar SO HC,4 strokes, single-cylinder engine that gives out 33 horsepower. The 570, on the other hand, comes with a powerful 567cc electronic fuel-injected ProStar DOHC liquid-cooled, 4 strokes, single-cylinder engine featuring 4 halves producing a horsepower of 44 inches.

Price Difference Between Polaris 450 and Polaris 570

The Polaris 450 comes for $6,999. The 570, on the other hand, sells at $7,999, which makes the Polaris 450 $1000 cheaper than it.

Who Has the Higher Speed Between Polaris 450 and Polaris 570

The Polaris 450 reaches a regular 58 mph speed limit while the 570 reaches an amazing 63 mph and, in some cases, might even exceed this level. In this regard, the Polaris 570 wins the race when placed alongside the 450 with at least a 5 mph additional speed limit.


The 450 features a sealed MacPherson strut suspension that offers 8.2 inches of travel for the front. The Polaris 570, on the other hand, features a McPherson strut which delivers 9 inches of travel. At the rear, the 450 features a sealed dual A-Arm, IRS with 9.5 inches of travel.

The Polaris 570 features dual a-arm rear suspension with 10 inches of travel. The 450 also features a single lever 3-wheel hydraulic disc with a hydraulic rear foot brake, while the Polaris 570 features a 4-wheel hydraulic disc with a park-in transmission.

When compared, the 450 suspension works just fine, but the 570 offers more travel distance with hydraulic breaks on all wheels.

Towing Capacity

Polaris 450 features a towing capacity of 1300 lb, while the 570 offers 1500 lb. When compared in the light of 570’s torque of 35.4 ft/lb, which is higher than the 30 ft/lb offered by the 450, the 570 wins this category with more power can towing capacity than the Polaris 450.

Ground Clearance

The Polaris 450 features a ground clearance of 11.5 inches in addition to its wheelbase of 50.5 inches, while the 570 offers a ground clearance of 11 inches and a wheelbase of 73 inches. With better torque, engine, and wheelbase, the 570 also tops this chart as it does better than the 450 on very harsh terrains.

Polaris 450 Reviews

Polaris 450 Reviews

Polaris 450 has proven to be one of the best off-wheel drive ATVs with more power, user-friendly features, and quieter than other vehicles in its spec. With its powerful SOHC 4 strokes single-cylinder engine, power steering, 33 HP, and so many amazing features, this ATV has more than enough power for any job thrown at it, all at a very affordable price. Read our article on Polaris Sportsman 450 Reviews to know it in detail.

Polaris 570 Reviews

Polaris 570 Reviews

Polaris Sportsman is unarguably one of the strongest ATVs you can find within its spec. Tackling exceptionally at any speed over varying terrains with ease. Equipped with a horsepower of 44, 567cc DOHC engine, a speed limit of 63 mph, classic ergonomics, and other unique features, you get superb control, great climbing abilities, and much more from this ATV.

Pros and Cons of Polaris 450 vs 570 ATV

We individually show the pros and cons of each of these ATVs below:

Pros and Cons of Polaris 450

  • Amazing traction.
  • Robust body frame.
  • powerful engine.
  • Great speed limit.
  • Classic design. 
  • Not enough low end performance.
  • High maintenance cost.

Pros and Cons of Polaris 570

  • Amazing low end performance.
  • Added security features
  • Good ground clearance.
  • high torque level. 
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to get started.
  • Great handling.
  • Suitable for all terrains.
  • Horsepower isn't very impressive.
  • Unstable acceleration on hills.

Transmission Comparison of Polaris 450 vs 570

The Polaris 450 and 570 both feature a PVT system.

Wheels and Tires Comparison

The Polaris 570 uses Carlisle 489 tires 25×8-12 front: 25×10-12 rear) with stamped steel wheels to offer you steady and comfortable, while the 450 offers Duro Tires on 12 inches steel Wheels.

Handling Comparison

The Polaris 570 offers better handling and control than the 450.

Comfort Comparison

The Polaris 570 provides better comfort with more modern ergonomics, suspension, and low vibration, and you are sure to ensure a smooth through every terrain.

Braking Comparison

The 570 features a front and rear 4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc brake with Park Transmission. The 450, however, features a Front/Rear Single Lever 3-Wheel Hydraulic Disc with Rear Foot Brake and a Lockable Hand Lever parking brake.

Ergonomics Comparison of Polaris 450 vs 570

The 570 tops the list with extremely comfortable seats. Everything on this ATV thumb throttle has a modern feel, comfortable and refined, and has a smooth-running DOHC engine.

Instrumentation Comparison

In regards to instrumentation, both the Polaris 450 and 570 feature state-of-the-art interiors like a digital Speedometer, Two Tripmeters, Hour Meter, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, AWD Indicator, Volt Meter, Coolant Temperature, Hi-Temp Light, Halogen Pod & Bumper Lights, coolant temperature, and much more.

However, the 570 tops with additional perks like thumb warmers, pursuit camo, and rhino grips.

Fit & Finish Comparison

The Polaris 450 and 570 have a top-notch fit and finish with heavy-duty chassis for versatile performance and durability.

Cargo Comparison

The 450 features a lock and Ride cargo system with a 485 lb payload capacity allowing it to tow about 1,300 lb of cargo. The Polaris 570, on the other hand, features a lock and Ride cargo system with a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs and payload capacity of 1000 lbs giving it the upper hand.

Price Comparison of Polaris 450 vs 570

The Polaris 450 comes for $6,999, while the 570 sells at $7,999, approximately $1000 more than the 450.

Is Polaris 570 Better Than 450?

Both the Polaris 450 and the 570 are awesome vehicles. Each with its points of strength. The Polaris 570 is better if you look for speed, performance, and strength. The Polaris 450, on the other hand, doesn’t disappoint when put to work on the farm.

Are Polaris ATVs Reliable?

Yes. The Polaris ATVs are reliable, featuring powerful engines and strong body chassis; this vehicle can last you through the longest and toughest seasons.

Are Polaris Engines Reliable?

Polaris uses an electronic fuel-injected SOHC/DOHC, 4 strokes single cylinder engine with single, which is undoubtedly one of the most reliable in the market today. Giving out a horsepower of 33-44 and above.

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A look at the features of the Polaris 450 and 570 shows that both these vehicles are great in their own ways. It mostly boils down to a matter of choice. However, looking at Polaris 450 vs 570, the Polaris 570 is a more advanced version with better speed, engine, towing capacity, Torque, and more. The 450, however, is also sure not to disappoint.

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