Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2

Newport vs Newport 2: Scotty Cameron Putter Differences

It’s a difficult call to choose between the Newport vs Newport 2 putters.

These two share quite a few similarities, however, they both have their own unique differences.

This article compares the difference between Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2, their similarities, and reviews.

What’s the Difference Between Newport vs Newport 2?

The main difference between Newport and Newport 2 is that the Newport is a smaller head that is designed for people who visually like their putters rounded off, while the Newport 2 is a little longer and bigger with square edges and is designed for people who like the angular and mechanical look.

Newport vs Newport 2 Comparison Table

This table compares the Newport vs Newport 2 putters:

Scotty Cameron Newport Putter
Recommended Choice
Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter
Putter Lines/Edges
Putter Lines/Edges

Scotty Cameron Putter Edges Compared

The special select Newport has a curvy shape design which gives it a less mechanical look. It is suitable for golfers who want to be free of technical thoughts.

Not that it has any effect on the performance of this putter, but based on personal preference, the Newport 2 square shaped design gives it a sharper and more mechanical look, which actually does it for most golfers with technical strokes and those who use their putters for alignment.

Topline Differences

The Newport has its topline radius smoothed slightly to give a thinner look from the address. This thin topline offers more forgiveness and improves the accuracy of this putter.

The Newport 2, on the other hand, has a flatter and narrower topline, which helps you roll the ball off the sweet spot and gives it better visibility.

Scotty Cameron Putter Head Comparison

A special select Newport putter has a slightly shorter head, making it lighter and easier to hit. It performs better on longer putts and also provides more feel.

The Newport 2 has a slightly longer head. While some golfers may prefer a shorter head because of its weight, the longer head ensures smoother movement and performs better on shorter putts.

Similarities Between Newport and Special Select Newport 2

This table lists the similarities between the Newport and Special Select Newport 2:

SpecsNewportNewport 2
Loft3 ½ °3 ½ °
Head material303 stainless steel303 stainless steel
Lie 70°70°
Length33,34,35 Inches33,34,35 Inches
OffsetFull shaftFull shaft
GripPistolini plusPistolini plus
Weight2 x 40 inches
2 x 35 Inches
2 x 30 inches
2 x 40 inches
2 x 35 Inches
2 x 30 inches
Toe flowMidMid
Custom loft-1°-+1°-1°-+1°
Custom lie-2° – +2°-2° – +2°
Sweet spotStandardStandard

Toe Hang

special select Newport vs Newport 2

The Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2 have the same toe hang of ¼, producing the same toe flow. Toe hang allows a putter to open and close during an arcing putting stroke.

To know if your Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2 is toe-hanged or face-balanced, try balancing the putter by the shaft on your finger. If the head faces the ground, it is toe-balanced; if it faces the sky, it is face-balanced.

However, you have to be a player who is good at squaring the face properly or you may struggle with the special select Newport and Newport 2 since they both have a toe hang of ¼.

Why Choose Newport 2 Putter Over Newport?

The Newport 2 has won the tournament for golf pros like Tiger Wood. This putter has a tungsten sole weighting technology which gives it a sweeter spot than the Newport, a more mechanical look that boosts your confidence on the golf course and also has a better feel than the special select Newport.

Pros & Cons of Newport

  • It allows for an effortless setup.
  • It promotes stability.
  • It has a good sweet spot.
  • Its 303 stainless steel design gives it a unique look. and strength.
  • It enhances putting performance.
  • It improves visibility.
  • It makes alignment easier.
  • It can be used by any golfer regardless of their handicap.
  • It is more expensive that most other putters.

FAQs on the Difference Between Newport and Newport 2

These are the most frequently asked questions on the difference between Newport and Newport 2:

Is the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Forgiving?

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is a putter that gives more precision and consistency than forgiveness. However, the weight distribution on this putter helps increase its sweet spot, which offsets slight mishits.

Is Newport 2 Face Balanced?

The Newport 2 isn’t face balanced. For a putter to be face balanced, the head must point towards the sky when balanced by the shaft on the fingers. This isn’t the case with the Newport 2, which faces the ground.

Which Newport Putter Is Best?

The Newport 2 tops the list. This putter has a better feel, accuracy, and sweet spot than Newport. Its tour-proven design allows you to roll more putts into the hole. It also has a great sound at ball contact.


We hope you got more clarification  from reading this article on Newport vs Newport 2

The special select Newport vs Newport 2 are unique putters that offer consistency. They are designed with 303 stainless steel, which stands out and gives them a classic look. They are pricey but surely worth the price.

However, between these two putters, the Newport 2 tops the list. Some of the golf pros use this putter and have actually won Tiger Woods the tournament four times! That’s enough reason to get this putter, isn’t it? 

It gives more accuracy and precision, feel, and sound at ball contact. Its square shaped and flatter topline gives you more visibility and helps you put more shots in the hole.

It’s okay to also note that the Newport and Newport 2 are very similar with only a few differences, you can choose any of these and not miss much.

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