Motivo Golf Mat Review

Motivo Golf Mat Review | Testing the Dual-Turf Hitting Mat

If you are looking for a golf mat to practice your game that is high quality and affordable, then you should consider the Motivo golf mat.

However, there are a few things to look out for before purchasing a mat that will be used regularly and will have to take more than a few hits over the years.

This article on Motivo golf mat review will discuss the mat’s durability, how it feels, the things I liked about it, and the things I disliked.

Motivo Golf Mat Review

Motivo Golf StrikeDown Dual-Turf Pro Golf Hitting Mat (3 x 4 Feet)

The Motivo Golf Mat is a top performance hitting mat that gives a realistic feel, providing accurate feedback similar to a professional grade golf mat. It utilizes a cutting-edge artificial turf and thick compressible shock pad which replicates rough feedback and real fairway during every strike.

Features of the Motivo Golf Mat

During my hands-on Motivo golf mat review, I found these features to be the best:

  • Maximum durability.
  • Portable sizes.
  • Rough and fairway turf.
  • A superior shock absorber.
  • Realistic fairway feedback.
  • Indoor/outdoor use.

Motivo Golf Mat Review: Things I like & Dislike

While writing this Motivo Golf Mat review, I realized there are some things I like and dislike about the mat:

Things I like
  • The Motivo golf mat can last you for thousands of shots because of its high-quality materials.
  • It has a portable size that allows you to easily carry it along and play with it anywhere.
  • It offers realistic feedback that helps you build your swing to reduce your scores.
  • Its shock absorber offers protection to your joints from injuries that can generate from hitting conventional golf mats with rigid rubber bases.
  • It offers a great feel and energy transfer with its combination of rough and fairway turf.
  • It has a large surface area.
  • It keeps your body and the ball on the same level.
Things I don't like
  • You may notice that the mat moves when striking.
  • The backing of this golf mat isn't thick enough when compared to other mats.

Durability of the Motivo Hitting Mat

motivo golf hitting mat durability review

The Motivo golf mat is designed with high-quality materials that are thermally resistant to weather damage and extremely durable. This mat can last you thousands of shots without developing a dip in the hit area that acts as a divot and makes it difficult to hit off.

Motivo Golf Mat Review: Portability

Motivo Golf Mat Review

The Motivo golf mat comes in a portable size with a dimension of 48 x 36 x 2.5 inches making it very easy to carry around and use anywhere.

Rough and Fairway Turf

This golf mat has a custom engineered fairway turf and rough grass that offer great energy transfer and extra-shock absorption that helps prevent clubs from bouncing during impact.

Superior Shock Absorber Technology

The Motivo golf mat has a thick compressible and comfortable 3/8-inch shock pad base that has a combination of air and elasticity designed to reduce slide and improve stability while providing superior shock absorption to protect your joints as you practice.

The shock pad also comes with a thermal coefficient that is resistant to weather-induced deterioration which increases durability. Your clubs won’t bounce upon impact with the Motivo golf mat, giving you the best and most realistic practice condition.

How Realistic is the Fairway Feedback of The Motivo Mat?

The Motivo golf mat is designed to help develop confidence and consistency in your golf swing. This mat is a game improver.

The Motivo golf mat is a perfect fit for golfers looking to get an unparalleled feel and maximum performance.

Indoor/ Outdoor Use Test

The Motivo golf mat is conveniently portable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This mat allows you to increase your weekly training sessions by practicing every day and anywhere and acquiring unparalleled results.

With the Motivo golf mat, you can take your game to another level in the comfort of your home while saving you time and money on visits to your local golf course.

Is the Motivo Golf Mat Worth Buying?

The Motivo golf mat is worth buying because it offers great value for money, has realistic feedback to help build your swing, is very durable, has a portable size, and combines rough and fairway turf for better play. This golf mat has a superior shock absorber to protect your joints while you play.

Why Is the Motivo Golf Mat Better than Other Mats?

The Motivo golf mat is better than other mats because of two major reasons. Firstly, unlike other mats in the market today, it offers superior shock absorption which protects the golfer’s joints from common injuries that often arise as a result of playing on conventional mats with rigid rubber bases.

The Motivo golf mat also offers realistic feedback which gives the golfer accurate ball data to help improve his/her game.


The Motivo golf mats are one of the best conventional mats you can get in the market today. The realistic feedback they offer allows for better accuracy and performance. They also have an exceptionally thick and compressible shock absorber which helps protect the golfer’s joints from common injuries attached to playing on conventional mats with rubber bases.

The Motivo golf mat is suitable for beginners as it helps reduce their scores through the provision of precise feedback. This mat is available on Amazon at an affordable price. I recommend you get this high-performing golf mat.

I hope this article on the Motivo golf mat review has been helpful to you.

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