EZGO Serial Number Missing

EZGO Serial Number Missing: Location, Year, Model by Code

When my EZGO RXV broke down, I did some research to determine what I needed to replace the parts. The first step I took was to find out what serial number I had on the old cart.

But the serial number has gone missing from the bottom, and I don’t remember where I found it.

If you want to know more about how you can easily identify the information of your EZGO serial number missing, dig more in this article.

EZGO Serial Number Missing

If your EZGO Serial Number is Missing, check under the glove box, on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, and below the charger receptacle to find the serial number.

One of the hardest things to do when using the EZGO golf cart is to find the serial number because sometimes the manufacturers change the location of the serial number as they build new models.

EZGO Serial Number Missing

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EZGO Serial Number Location

The EZGO golf cart serial and manufacturer’s number are located on a plate under the glove box on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

The serial number comprises six or seven numbers and does not indicate the year the model was manufactured, but the manufacturer’s number does reflect the model year.

This particular set of numbers consists of a letter and three to four numbers which will include two numbers indicating the last two digits of the year it was manufactured.

EZGO Serial Number List

This is a list of the models of the EZGO golf carts and the location of their serial numbers:

  1. EZGO Marathon Golf Cart (from 1975 to 1993): Printed on the frame of the cart or could be positioned underneath the driver seat or the passenger side glove box or the fender skirt underneath the driver side seat.
  2. EZGO MPT Golf Cart (2004 and up): Found below the charger receptacle and the cross member beneath the access panel or at the passenger side glove box.
  3. EZGO TXT Golf Cart (from 1996 upwards): Usually found below the charger receptacle or underneath the access panel near the cross member or at the glove box of the passenger side.
  4. EZGO RXV (2008 and up): Found at the drivers-side frame member under the front splash shield or the base of the steering column or the passenger side frame rail at the rear of the vehicle.
  5. EZGO Workhorse (1996 to 2003): Located under the charger receptacle or on the cross member beneath the access panel or the glove box of the passenger side.
  6. ST Golf Cart (1999 upwards): Just like the EZGO TXT and EZGO Workhorse golf cart models, it could be found below the charger receptacle or the passenger side glove box or the cross member beneath the access panel.
  7. EZGO 2Five Golf Cart (2009 upwards): Like the EZGO Workhorse and RXV models, it is found below the charger or beneath the access panel.
  8. E-Z-GO Medalist Golf Cart (1975 – 1993): Located at the passenger side glove box.

EZGO Serial Number Missing

How Can I Know The Year My EZGO Golf Cart Was Manufactured?

Since the manufacturing of EZGO Golf Carts, the model and serial numbers have been deliberately placed beneath the glove box on the passenger’s side of the cart. It can also be found on the frame or the fender side of the driver’s side, and the serial number of each vehicle is usually printed on a decal that contains the barcode.

We have already shown you the locations of serial numbers earlier and that will help to determine the model of your golf cart. To further understand your serial number, this list will help: 

  • On the rear passenger-side frame – RXV (2008 & up)
  • Inside the passenger-side glove box – TXT (1996 & up)
  • Inside the passenger-side glove box – Medalist (1994-1995)
  • Under the passenger-side glove box – Marathon (1976-1993)
  • On the frame under the driver-side seat – Pre-Marathon (1965-1975)

Hope this helps you find your EZGO serial number missing for any model of the golf cart.

Is Serial Number The Same as VIN?

Serial Number and VIN Number are the same things. VIN means Vehicle Identification Number and it does the same job the Serial Number does which is to help you know which model your cart is and the year your golf cart was manufactured.

So now you know that if your EZGO Serial Number Missing, then looking for a VIN number will also suffice.

Why Is It Important To Know Your EZGO Serial Number?

Before you purchase any EZGO golf cart, you must locate and know the serial number. Even when you want to call a mechanic to service your cart or buy parts and accessories for the cart, you must know the cart’s serial number.

This is because, like any car out there, every EZGO cart has its unique serial number, and knowing this number helps you determine the type, year, and power supply your cart has. This is why you must know your EZGO golf cart serial number!

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Did you know, that you can quickly find the model of your cart and the year it was made by using the serial numbers on the cart?

In the past, you may have felt it wasn’t so important to know your EZGO serial number missing, but it is. Most golf cart parts are used solely for the make, model, and year the golf cart was made, and your serial number contains the year your golf cart was made.

This is why we put up this article on EZGO serial number missing and I hope you found it helpful!

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