EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram for Gas Electric TXT RXV 1

EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram: Gas, Electric TXT & RXV

The EZ-GO golf carts usually come with a durable ignition switch but sometimes issues may arise so it is better to check the ignition switch before jumping to conclusions about your golf cart being broken.

To solve any kind of Ignition issues with your EZGO golf cart, you will need an EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram by your side.

In this article, I am going to show you EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram, so that you can check the exact wiring of the components.

EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram

This is the EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram:

EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram

EZGO TXT Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram (Gas)

This is the EZGO TXT Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram:

EZGO TXT Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram

EZGO RXV Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram

This is the EZGO RXV Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram:

E-Z-GO Rxv Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram

36 Volt EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram

This is the 36 Volt EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram:

36 Volt EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram

What Wires Go to The Ignition Switch?

The wires that go to the ignition switch are the starter wire, the ignition system wire, the accessories wire, and the battery wire. These wires ensure that there is a connection from the ignition switch to other components that help the golf cart start.

EZGO Golf Cart Ignition Switch Problems

Before you decide to start fixing EZGO Golf Cart Ignition Switch Problems, you need to understand the type of EZGO golf cart you are using. It could be an electric golf cart or a gasoline golf cart. Whatever the case may be, these are a few problems and how to fix them:

1. Ignition Switch is Causing Issues

As I stated earlier, the ignition is one of the most important parts of your golf cart. If the battery and fuse are fine, then the problem is very likely to be from the ignition switch. If the ignition switch of your cart has a problem, there would be no power to the ignition system, the starter motor, and other engine controls which will hamper the engine from starting. 

How to Fix:

  • As you check the ignition, be sure that the golf cart is in neutral, forward, or reverse. Anything in between will cause a disruption to the flow of electricity and present wrong readings to you.
  • Using an ohmmeter or continuity tester, check the continuity of the ignition wire by switching it off and setting your ohmmeter to X1. You won’t get any readings. For the Gasoline cart, set the switch to “ON” and test.
  • Check the continuity in the F and B terminals after switching to the “Forward” position and check the continuity between the R, ACC, and B terminals for the “Reverse” position.
  • See if there is any corrosion or damage to the ignition wire that runs from the ignition to the solenoid starter. If there is any, then the wire needs replacement.
  • Get a certified mechanic to check and fix these problems.
  • For a Gasoline golf cart, check whether the spark plug is damaged or corroded and replace it immediately.

2. Circuit Problems

All golf carts come with several different connections to and from the battery and the E-Z-GO golf cart is not an exception. When there is a problem with the circuitry, you can be sure that your golf cart will not start.

How to Fix:

  • Make sure your golf cart is turned off and the transmission is set to neutral and check the circuits for corrosion or damage. If there is, clean it up and try starting your cart again.
  • Check the controller pins to determine whether any circuit pins came loose and plug back the circuit.
  • Ensure, using a voltmeter, that there is a stable continuity in the circuits and call a certified technician to fix the circuit if it is not functioning properly.

3. Fuse Problem

As long as you own a golf cart long enough, it is bound to have a fuse problem at some point. When your cart has a blown fuse, it begins to experience electrical issues like light issues, radio issues, and sometimes ignition switch issues. It could be that the fuse is blown or overheated but whichever one it is, there is a solution for it.

How to Fix:

  • Find out where the service panel is and locate the fuse to know it has blown. If it has, it needs immediate replacement.
  • Check the cart for its continuity. You will need a technician for that so he can ascertain if the circuitry connected to the fuse has a problem.

4. Battery Problems

Like all batteries of any vehicle, the E-Z-GO golf cart battery drains after a long period of use. The battery is very important because its main purpose is to provide your cart with power for it to start and when it has problems, it will be difficult to enjoy using your golf cart.

How to Fix:

  • Check the wiring that is connected to and from the battery and call a technician to fix it.
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged.
  • If your battery is not charging, the problem could be from the charging port and it will need immediate replacement.
  • If the battery terminals have faults, no matter how much charge the battery, it won’t charge for long so the battery will need to be replaced by a certified technician.

How to Wire an Ignition Switch in An EZ Go Golf Cart?

If the ignition switch is causing problems, it is easy to replace and reinstall.

  • Before you start any work, ensure that the right safety and work equipment are at hand. You must have: Protective footwear and Safety goggles, E-Z-GO Ignition Switch, Rivets, Pliers, Coated wrench (9/16”), and a Small screwdriver.
  • Switch off the Ignition and make sure the Parking brake is on.

The following steps will guide you through the process of How to Wire an Ignition Switch in An EZ Go Golf Cart:

1. Remove the Console and Faulty Ignition Switch

  • Remove the negative battery cable using the coated wrench.
  • Detach the rivets holding the console (located where the ignition is) with the small screwdriver.
  • Remove the console insert plate and locate the face nut and remove it too. The face nut holds the ignition switch in place and is round in shape.
  • Remove the existing ignition switch from the plate.

2. Install The New Ignition Switch:

  • Remove the old ignition switch and the console.
  • Fix the new ignition switch into the console plate and screw on the face nut.
  • Remove the wire terminals from the previous ignition switch.
  • Install the new ignition switch and attach the wire terminals.
  • Using new rivets, insert the console plate and attach them.

How to Test a Golf Cart Ignition Switch?

Follow these steps to Test a Golf Cart Ignition Switch:

  1. Inspect and locate the red and black wires on the battery pack. 
  2. Connect the black wire to the negative terminal on your cart which will also be black for ease of identification.
  3. Connect the red wire to the back of the battery pack to a neutral area making it easy to see where electricity flows to/through.
  4. Make sure the key is in the off position and attach the wires to a probe meter, one at a time.
  5. Turn on the ignition now and you will observe that the wire with no voltage should have and if it doesn’t, then your ignition switch is faulty.

How Do You Bypass the Ignition Switch on An EZGO Golf Cart?

There are 2 methods to Bypass the Ignition Switch on An EZGO Golf Cart:

1. Hot Wiring Method

  • Make sure your ignition switch is turned off to avoid electrocution.
  • Find your ignition switch’s wires usually located behind your seat.
  • Cut the wires away from their connectors, revealing the metal beneath, and make sure to hold the wires apart to avoid electrocution.
  • Lightly touch the wires to bypass the ignition switch and send electricity to your engine and continue till the engine starts.
  • Be careful not to hold the wires together for too long to avoid the risk of further complications or even a fire outbreak.
  • Since your cart has started, you should carefully tape the wires together to avoid a fire outbreak and keep the cart running.

2. The Screwdriver Method

  • Confirm that your ignition switch is on before you start. Check the location of your switch and ensure it is properly turned.
  • Blow into the ignition switch to remove any form of debris and minimize the danger of fire.
  • Insert your flathead screwdriver and push as far as it can go till it meets resistance.
  • Turn the screwdriver till it starts.


The EZ GO golf cart still remains one of the best models of golf carts ever produced to ensure that your relaxation and comfort are guaranteed.

As you have seen, sometimes you could experience ignition problems on your EZGO golf cart, and many times, the steps to take to repair it could be confusing.

I hope that you found this article on EZGO Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram helpful in solving any ignition problems your golf cart might face.

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