Club Car Carburetor Diagram

Club Car Carburetor Diagram | Installation & Adjustment

Club Car carburetors are used in club cars for fuel injection. They work fine but are less reliable as time goes on.

In this article, I’ll explain the club car carburetors, along with a club car carburetor diagram and how to carry out a Yamaha Golf Cart Carburetor Adjustment step by step.

I’ll also provide a diagram of the parts inside a club car carburetor so you can see exactly where everything goes. This will make it easy for you to identify any problems with your old carburetor.

Club Car Carburetor Diagram

This is the club car carburetor diagram:

Club Car Carburetor Diagram

Check out this Club Car Parts Diagram to understand your club car better.

Best Club Car Carburetor

This is the Best Club Car Carburetor:

FE290 Carburetor+Fuel Pump for Club Car Golf Cart
  • Carburetor replaces OEM part number 1016478, 1016438, 1016441, 1016439, 1016440,1016478
  • Fits for Golf Cart, Club Car, DS & Precedent, Turf, or Carryall.

Club Car Carburetor Adjustment

  1. On the carburetor, adjust the idle jet pilot screw. An additional 1/4 turn of the screw will accomplish this.
  2. Adjust the valve clearance beginning with the cold valve. Do so using a flat screwdriver, a feeler gauge, and a 10mm wrench.
  3. The two inner exhaust valves and the outer intake valves require a 0.004 mm space between them. 
  4. Needle-nose pliers and a 9mm socket are required if the locknuts on the MCI engine have a 9mm size and square heads.

Club Car Carburetor Installation

  1. Take off all wires and tubes that are attached to the carburetor.
  2. Use a size 3/8 and a size ten spanner to unbolt the carburetor.
  3. Gently take out the carburetor, then install the new one following the same procedure in reverse.

While you are reading the Club Car carburetor diagram, I would encourage you to also check out the EZ GO golf cart carburetor diagram. These two diagrams are similar in many ways, and by comparing them, you may be able to gain a better understanding of how carburetors in general work and how to diagnose and address any issues with your golf cart’s carburetor. Additionally, the EZ GO golf cart carburetor diagram may provide valuable insights and additional information that can help you better understand the Club Car carburetor diagram.


I have provided you with Club Car Carburetor Diagram and the steps involved in the Club Car Golf Cart Carburetor Adjustment and installation, making it easier for you to understand your golf cart easily and whatever carburetor issues you may encounter.

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