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We can all relate to the excitement you feel when you purchase a golf cart, regardless of whether it is used or new. This website aims at showing you what you need to look for in a golf cart, as well as highlights the best golf carts that have impressed us in our experience.

About Best Golf Carts, Inc.

Golf carts can make or break your golfing experience, so we aim to give you chances at the best playing time by showing you the best golf carts in the market today and preventing you from making expensive missteps. We are also passionate about enhancing your experiences on the golf course, especially for people who are golfing beginners.

What We Do

We review golfing equipment, mainly golf carts, and provide deatiled golf cart troubleshooting tips. We are passionate about the sport, thanks to our experiences on and off the course; so you can trust us to give you the best advice on buying golf carts and to solve golf cart problems.

Top 5 Best Golf Carts in 2022

1. Icon Golf Carts

Icon Golf Carts are the #1 electric golf cart on the market right now. These 48v carts have been trending and dominating the electric golf cart industry since their launch.

2. Evolution Golf Carts
  • 48V lithium battery.
  • Touchscreen Display.
  • Lux Steering Wheel.
  • Two-Toned Seats.
3. Advanced EV​

Advanced EV​ company makes stylish carts that look good on the streets. Their golf carts are a complete package as they are perfect for offroading as well as street driving.

4. Bintelli

Bintelli EVs are in the talks for their affordable pricing and feature-packed golf carts. They are an American company that produces street legal golf carts that can go up to 25mph. Read more about them in our Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews article.

5. Vitacci

Vitacci has an interesting off road golf cart called the T40, that has a 48v 150A lead-acid battery. Due to it being electric yet having off roading capabilites, it is very popular among golfers. Check out our detailed Vitacci Golf Cart Review, if you want to know the details of this awesome electric buggy.

Top 3 Best Gas Golf Carts Brands in The Market Today

1. Club Car

If you are looking for high-quality comfort and luxury, Club Car is the golf cart brand to buy from due to its long-standing commitment to comfortable designs and technological improvements.

2. Yamaha

This brand’s golf carts are great for people that need the combined power of a gas motor and the silence of an electric motor, due to its QuieTech technology.

3. EZ-GO

This brand is excellent for people who want to spend good money on a golf cart without going overboard on the purchase. Its carts are highly adaptable and are a jack-of-all-trades, which makes it great for DIY enthusiasts due to its vast offering of add-ons.

Features to Look for In Best Golf Carts

1. Accessories

These include storage choices, side mirrors, windshields, golf cart covers, and so on. The best carts will always include extra accessories as part of the package, such as holders for golf tees and balls that fit well with the cart.

2. Speed

On average, golf carts travel at speeds of between 12 and 14 mph, and better carts will have higher speed limits. However, you should avoid driving golf carts at maximum speed because they are harder to control – instead, aim to select carts that have several speed settings to allow you maximum control over your speed.

3. Warranty

This covers any repairs and parts you may need in the future at lower costs. Therefore, it is worth considering the brand you are buying from and its reputation in the industry.

4. Where You Intend to Use It

It is important to know where you plan to use the cart, as golf course rules are different – some do not allow gas-powered carts, others do, and some only allow you to rent their carts for use on the course.

5. New or Refurbished

This will allow you to know the warranty to expect, the price you are paying, and any extra features you will add over time.

6. Motor Type

Gas-powered carts have a higher resale value, and they have a higher weight capacity as the motor is quite powerful. However, they are not eco-friendly and are more expensive and time-consuming to maintain.

On the other hand, electric-powered carts are more affordable, eco-friendly, have lower weight capacity, and do not require as much maintenance as gas-powered carts. They rely on battery power though, so you must wait for them to recharge over several hours to use them.

7. Battery

The best golf carts in the market today are the ones that have a good battery. For example, a 48v electric golf cart will always be a better choice than a gas powered one or a 36v cart.

Check out our detailed guide on 36 volt EZ Go golf cart battery wiring diagram if you want to learn more about how batteries in a golf cart work.

Comparing the Best Golf Carts

This section compares the top golf carts and show you which one will be the best fit for different types of use cases.

Things You Should Know About Golf Carts

This section will educate you on some general golf cart info and things you should know about if you are looking for the best golf cart.


Buying a golf cart is not an easy task, but you can make it easier by doing all the homework you need when making your choice. While this article is not an in-depth view of the best golf carts, it should give you a good starting point for conducting your search. And for detailed reviews on golf carts, check out our individual reviews.