CFMoto Zforce 800 Reviews

CFMoto Zforce 800 Reviews (2023) UTV’s Top Speed, Specs

When choosing an off-road vehicle or wanting something suitable for both work and recreation, picking out the best can be a little tough.

Based on my personal testing, I believe the CFMoto Zforce 800 off-road vehicle can offer you just what you need with its solid in-state features and affordable price.

This article on CfMoto Zforce 800 Reviews provides in-depth information about this vehicle, its features, pros, cons, etc.

CFMoto Zforce 800 Reviews

CFMoto Zforce 800 Reviews

The CFMoto Zforce 800 is an aggressive utility vehicle that is suitable for any kind of off-road work. It comes in a compact size with 62 hp and has the highest acceleration among other UTVs. Its durable body construction and 11.2 inches of ground clearance make it a no-brainer for the price it comes at.

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CFMoto Zforce 800 Specs

CFMoto Zforce 800 Specs

These are the top 7 CFMoto Zforce 800 Specs:

  1. 800cc SOHC v twin, 8 valve, 4 stroke engine.
  2. Wheelbase of 89 inches.
  3. Horsepower of 62.
  4. Torque of 53 ft ins.
  5. 2WD/4WD/Front Differential Lock Drive.
  6. A fuel capacity of 6.5 gallons.
  7. Maximum speed of 60 mph.

CFMoto Zforce 800 Top Speed

The top speed of the CFMoto Zforce 800 UTV is 60 MPH.

Pros & Cons of the CFMoto Zforce 800 UTV

  • It provides ease of handling.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has a good engine.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories.
  • It is usually not suitable for tall riders because of its small space.
  • It sometimes experiences unstable speed.

CFMoto Zforce 800 UTV Problems

These are the top 10 CFMoto Zforce 800 UTV Problems:

  1. Overheated Engine.
  2. Bad engine noise.
  3. Power steering loss.
  4. Inadequate power.
  5. Poor performance of the brakes.
  6. Unusual acceleration.
  7. Difficulty in starting the engine.
  8. Noise from the CVT.
  9. Severe runout in the front and rear wheel.
  10. Soft or hard suspension.

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Below is a more detailed explanation of the CfMoto Zforce 800 features, that we found while writing this CFMoto Zforce 800 review.

Wheels and Suspension

80- inch wheelbase, 26 X 9-14 inches for front tires and 26 X 11-14 inches for rear tires, Front Shocks: High Pressure Gas, Compression, and Rebound Adjustable. Rear Shocks: High Pressure Gas, Rebound Adjustable, 14-inch Cast Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Double A-Arm Independent Front and Rear Suspension and Hydraulic Brakes.


V-Twin, 8-Valve, SOHC, 4-Stroke Engine, Electronic Fuel Injection Fuel System which offers 62 HP at 6700 RPM, a torque of 53 ft. lbs at 6000 RPM, 800 cc Engine Displacement, 2WD/4WD/Front Differential Lock Drive, CVTECH Automatic P/R/N/H/L Transmission, and a Liquid Cooling System.


113 inches in length, 50 inches in width, 70 inches in height, 6.5 Gallons Fuel Tank Capacity, 11.2 inches ground clearance, and a Curb weight of 1,228 lb.

Safety Features

3-point seat belts, alarm light, hydraulic brakes, LED Headlights, roll bar.

CFMoto Zforce 800 UTV Parts & Accessories

Next on this CFMoto Zforce 800 UTV Reviews is a list of the  parts and accessories:

  1. CHIKIA UTV Hand Operated Windshield.
  2. Sresk UTV Accessories RZR Storage Bag, Center Seat Storage Bag, Universal RZR Accessories
  3. NOAM NUTV4 Quad – 4 Channels Marine Bluetooth.
  4. QYMOTO Hisun UTV Cover Accessories Windproof Rainproof for CFMoto.
  5. Adjustable Low Profile Rustproof Aluminum Clamp.
  6. Kemimoto UTV Rearview Mirror.
  7. Kemimoto UTV Side Mirrors.
  8. 2pc 3ft Spiral LED Whip Lights for UTV.
  9. Universal ATV/UTV SXS Street Legal Kit with Rocker Switch Turn Signal Light Horn Flasher Relay.

CFMoto Zforce 800 vs Tracker 800 SX

  CFMoto Zforce 800 Tracker 800 SX
Top speed60 MPH53 MPH
Fuel Tank Capacity6.5 Gallons10 Gallons
EngineLiquid cooled V-Twin, 8-Valve, 


SOHC, 4-Stroke Engine

Liquid cooled 3-cylinder, four-stroke gas engine
Transmission TypeCVTECH® Automatic P/R/N/H/L TransmissionContinuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Displacement800 cc812 cc
Drive2WD/4WD/Front Differential Lock Drive2WD/ 4WD Drive System
Torque53 lb48 lb
Wheelbase80 inches85 inches
Ground Clearance11.2 inches12.5 inches
Horse Power62 HP50 HP
TiresFront tires: 26 X 9-14 inches and rear tires: 26 X 11-14 inchesFront tires: 26×9.00-14 inches and rear tires: 26×11.00-14 inches

CFMoto Zforce 800 vs Coleman 400

  CFMoto Zforce Coleman 400
Top speed60 MPH38 MPH
Fuel Tank Capacity6.5 Gallons6.86 Gallons
EngineLiquid cooled V-Twin, 8-Valve, 


SOHC, 4-Stroke Engine

Liquid cooled, SOHC 4-Stroke Engine
Transmission TypeCVTECH® Automatic P/R/N/H/L TransmissionCVT Transmission with forward & reverse
Displacement800 cc392 cc
Drive2WD/4WD/Front Differential Lock Drive4WD
Wheelbase80 inches72 inches
Ground Clearance11.2 inches12 inches
Horse Power62 HP28 HP

CFMoto Zforce 800 Price

The CFMoto Zforce UTV is available to buy at an affordable price of $11,399.

Where Can You Locate The CFMoto Zforce 800 for Sale?

This vehicle can be found in several stores located all over the U.S. You can log on to their official website for more information concerning dealers and their locations nationwide.

How Much Horsepower Does a CFMoto Zforce 800 Have?

The CFMoto Zforce is equipped with a horsepower of 62.

Who Manufactures the CFMoto Zforce 800?

The CFMoto Zforce utility vehicle is manufactured by CF Moto, the production partner of KTM.  It has been designed to stand the test of time and compete against other utility vehicles.

No, the CFMoto Zforce is not street legal. This is because it was originally designed as an off-road utility vehicle. It would be illegal to drive it in traffic with other vehicles. However, you can make it street legal by following the rules that guide the use of street-legal vehicles in your state and purchasing the right accessories for that purpose.

What Engine Does the CFMoto Zforce 800 UTV Have?

This vehicle comes with a V-Twin, 8-Valve, SOHC, 4-Stroke Engine which makes it absolutely suitable for all forms of work and pleasure.

Is the CFMoto Zforce 800 side by side 4 Wheel Drive?

Yes, it is. This is because it comes with a 2WD/4WD/Front Differential Lock Drive.

What is the Ground Clearance Of CFMoto Zforce 800 UTV?

The ground clearance of the CFMoto Zforce vehicle is 11.2 inches.


As you have seen, the CFMoto Zforce 800 UTV is a tested and trusted, dependable and durable vehicle, perfect for your work and for leisure.

It is also very safe and comes with accessories that would normally be more expensive with other manufacturers but yet, it remains affordable.

I hope you found this article on CfMoto Zforce 800 Reviews helpful.

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