10 Slowest Players on PGA Tour in 2022

Slowest Players on PGA Tour

With the 107th season of the PGA Tour coming to an end, I decided to create a detailed article on the Slowest Players on PGA Tour in 2022. The list was made based on the PGA Tour’s official scoring average of 71.8. If you too are wondering who the slowest players on PGA Tour are, […]

How to Get a Ghin Number for Free (2022) Without Joining a Club

how to get a free ghin number in 2022

The Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) is a database that stores golfers’ scores, calculates their handicaps, and organizes them into a handicap index. The United States Golf Association suggests managing your GHIN through the websites of local or state golf associations or clubs. You can find information about how to get a GHIN number for […]

Best Womens Golf Sandals in 2022 | Top 7 Reviews

Best Womens Golf Sandals

A good pair of golf footwear is an integral part of any golfer’s bag. They need to be comfortable, and durable and provide support when you hit the course. Therefore, having a good pair of the Best Womens Golf Sandals are a necessity because they are also supposed to fit your foot properly and be […]

Best Golf Net for Garage in 2022- Top 6 Hitting Nets

garage golf net 2022

Picking the best golf net for garage can be challenging. There are so many things to consider, including quality, price, and size. The best golf net for garage is the simple, lightweight. We’ve taken a look at different nets that you can use for golfing in your garage and looked at their pros and cons […]

Can Women Play Golf While Pregnant?

women playing golf while pregnant

Many women golf during pregnancy because it’s an activity that doesn’t put a strain on the body and is considered safe for both mother and fetus. So if you are looking for a detailed explanation for the question can you golf while pregnant, this article explains it all. However, it’s important for pregnant women to […]